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Sweet Heartbeat (2011) Episode 3

Min-joo sat next to him and asked Daoxing to apologize to him. Later, the doctor Han who was about to interview appeared, and Min-joo learned that he had made a mistake. Jin Minzhu ran to the men’s room. Minister came to the toilet to find her to settle the account. Minister Wu asked her to interview Dr. Han again. She was very unhappy but could not help it. Minister Wu asked Dr. Han to pour Minzhu, and Dr. Han asked for a bottle of the strongest wine. When they drank, Minister Wu sent a text message saying that he would come to confirm and fire him if he was not there.

Min-joo heard someone playing the piano, she thought of Ki-hoon, and saw that it was Do-sung who was playing the piano. Dr. Han was drunk. Min-joo helped her to take the elevator. Do-sung and Jin-hee also came to take the elevator. Do-sung said she was familiar. She kept her back to him. When they came out to fight, Daoxing had to leave. Minzhu kept using Doctor Han until Daoxing was leaving. When Daoxing was eating, his father asked about him in the United States.

His answer made his father very happy and asked his brother Daoxing to study again under Daoxing. When Min Joo’s family ate, grandpa taught Ha Na about politeness. Grandma talked about buying Ha Na a skirt and said that if she didn’t let her give birth to Ha Na, she should regret it now. While Min Joo was waiting for the bus, she saw Daoxing riding a bicycle. Chang Hao drove over and let Min Joo get on the bus. They came to the company elevator. Min Joo saw Daoxing and immediately covered his face with a book.

Minzhu returned to the company and told Minister Wu that Dr. Han was drunk last night. Minister Wu called Dr. Han and said that he wanted to find a comrade in arms. Minzhu’s colleagues told her that the new president of the council is the president’s son and a playboy. Daoxing entered the president’s office in sportswear. He first had a meeting and then talked with Changhao. Minister Wu asked Min Joo to stand up and greet the president. Daoxing was surprised to see him when he came over.

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