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Sweet Heartbeat (2011) Episode 2

When the car broke down, Min Joo kicked the car angrily. Daoxing and Jinxi went home after playing football. During the meal, Zhenxi called Daoxing’s father-in-law. They were already divorced. Daoxing’s sister-in-law said it was inappropriate to shout like that. Daoxing’s sister-in-law said that Xing would take his father’s seat when he came back, and the couple had a dispute. Today is Min Joo’s father’s birthday. He thought his daughter had prepared a present for him. He went to Min Joo’s room and woke her up. She had a cold. She left after eating. She didn’t think it was her father’s birthday.

Ki-hoon’s father asked him to take the place of his brother Dojin’s president and asked him to start working tomorrow. Dojin’s wife asked his father to reason, and he decided that way. Min Joo’s father, Jin Manfu, was fired by the company. He was very sad after reading the dismissal list. He cried alone. Ha Na asked her to fill in her father’s birthday when she was doing homework. She asked her grandma, and her grandma asked her to fill in her grandfather’s birthday.

Only then did she think that today is her husband’s birthday. Min-joo’s mother called her younger brother and he was going to buy gifts for her brother-in-law, but if he had that much money, Min-joo sent a text message to wish his father a happy birthday. In the evening, Min Joo saw his father. They went home together to celebrate his birthday. Chang Hao also came and gave each of their family a gift.

Chang Hao gave Min Joo a cell phone. It was a couple’s cell phone with him. Min Joo’s mother heard a sound outside while sleeping, and Min Joo’s uncle gave it to him at night. When Min Joo returned to the company, his boss told him that a new reporter was waiting for her in the lobby, and she saw Daoxing.

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