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Sweet Heartbeat (2011) Episode 1

Min Joo came to the airport to look for Kang Ji Hoon, begging him not to leave, saying that he could not live without him and let Ji Hoon go home with himself, but Ji Hoon said she bored him and made him very tired, and Gi Hoon insisted on leaving. Chang-ho came over and took Ji-hoon away, but Ji-hoon left. Chang-ho took Min-joo to eat. She kept crying. Chang-ho cheered her up and gulped to eat. Min-joo felt like vomiting when he was about to eat, and then ran away. It’s opened, she should be pregnant.

Five years later, Zheng Daoxing came back from the United States. He called his mother, and her mother said he wanted to participate in the event. See you in the evening. Chang Ho called Min Joo. Min Joo was working. Later Min Joo received a call from the kindergarten. Her daughter Ha Na had a fight with a boy. On the way home, Ha Na asked Min Joo what her unmarried mother was. Min Joo was right. She lied, and then took her daughter to buy a hairpin.

Min Joo came home and smelled Chinese medicine. When her mother knew that Min Joo was back, she pretended to be sick. Min Joo said that next time she took her parents to the Chinese Medicine Hospital to buy medicine, Min Joo caught a cold while talking to her mother, and her mother went to get her Chinese medicine and asked her to drink the Chinese medicine. Min Joo’s father came home, and her mother mentioned Ji Hoon. After Min Joo put Ha Na to sleep, he spoke to the necklace. Then he fell asleep with the necklace.

While Min Joo was working, she saw Daoxing’s car. Daoxing said that she did not look like a woman. Daoxing drove Jinxi away. Min Joo was very angry and asked him to stop. Min Joo’s colleague stopped her. While Minzhu and his colleague were driving, they saw Daoxing again and asked his colleague to drive to chase.

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