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29-sai no Christmas (1994)

29-sai no Christmas
Other Title: 29歳のクリスマス, 29-sai no Christmas, 29th Christmas

Genres: drama
Suzuki Masayuki
Katama Toshio
Fuji TV
Release Date: 
Oct 20, 1994
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  • Yamaguchi Tomoko
  • Yanagiba Toshiro
  • Matsushita Yuki
  • Nakamura Toru
  • Mizuno Maki
  • Inamori Izumi
  • Kondo Toshinori
  • Tayama Ryosei
  • Inamori Izumi
  • Mizuno Maki

Noriko is approaching 30 and is still unmarried. She is a fashion designer, dreaming of success and a Paris Collection. On her 29th birthday her world falls apart. Her boss transfers her from design to managing a bar. Her boyfriend betrays her for another woman. Shocked, Noriko decides to leave home and to move in with her best friend, Aya. The story of one woman’s struggle to find happiness and love. –Fuji Creative

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