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Category: Plot

The Love by Hypnotic Episode 5

Li Qian dreams to run to Li Mingyue room Li Mingyue injured Li Qian was punishable Jin Yu looked at Li Qian and took some medicines for him. He felt […]

The Love by Hypnotic Episode 4

Li Qian dream swims to the moonlight painting face Ling Wang wants the moon to hand over the bracelet When Li Mingyue saw that Li Qian’s right hand could not […]

The Love by Hypnotic Episode 3

Li Qian and Li Mingyue complete the contract marriage Ling Wang in the Li Qian liquor Li Qian had lost his memory. He couldn’t remember anything before the age of […]

The Love by Hypnotic Episode 2

Li Qian wants to force the princess to retire. Li Mingyue finds Li Qian’s weakness Li Mingyue did not want to learn the three from the four virtues in the […]

The Love by Hypnotic Episode 1

Li Qian secretly saved the Princess of the Moon, Li Mingyue misunderstood Li Qian, they are not happy Jing and the 20th winter, Haoyue and Beixuan rebuilt the country, and […]

All I Want for Love is You Episode 10

After returning to the dormitory, Sun Anning introduced himself to everyone. He also said that Gu Xiaoman and Zuoan were high school classmates. They also ate together alone. Gu Xiaoman […]

All I Want for Love is You Episode 9

Gu father prepared a brain flower soup for Gu Xiaoman in the morning , and looked at her expression and guessed that it was not good. He hurriedly stopped her […]

All I Want for Love is You Episode 8

Gu father was dissatisfied with Gu Xiaoman at Nandu Medical University. Xiao Man insisted that he should be a doctor. Gu Gu said that she could not see blood, but […]

All I Want for Love is You Episode 7

Gu Xiaoman apologizedto the left bank and worried that he would be inconvenienced if he was disabled. The left bank said that she can take care of her for the […]

All I Want for Love is You Episode 6

Teacher picked up the letter to the left bank of a love letter, not as an example to warn you before the college entrance examination puppy love, we are guessing […]

All I Want for Love is You Episode 4

In order to improve academic performance, GU full at home trying to learn, not learning while developing the more it is to invite her to play together, continue to persuade […]

All I Want for Love is You Episode 1

The drama is a counter-routing campus love drama. The new generation of actors Liu Wei, Lu Zhaohua, Liu Wei and others will jointly express the youthful love story of the […]

On The Road Episode 27

Yao Yuancheng asked Lu Xiaoou to come to the distant express earthquake, and Huo Mei will never give up on Gao Chang. Gao Chang left a letterto Yao Yuan , […]