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Category: Novel

You Are My Thousands of Stars

You Are My Thousands of Stars (Novel)Other Name: 你是我的万千星辰 Genre: novel, RomanceAuthor: Guan Dao Qiao Nu/WorkYear: 20XXChapter: 40+Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:Happened with Fok Zhenting The one-night relationship An Yan thought that she could […]

Invincible Dad of Another World

Invincible Dad of Another World (Novel)Other Name: 异界无敌奶爸 Genre: novel, fantasy Author: 令多情Year: 20XXChapter: 1051Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:Because of the lack of emotions, the first generation Paragon was […]

Super Farmer

Super Farmer (Novel)Other Name:  超品修仙小农民 Genre: novel, Xian Xia, fantasyAuthor: sea urchin KingYear: 20XXChapter: 40+Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:Bai Xiaobei graduated and returned to the mountain village, followed his parents to plant honeysuckle, […]

Mercenary Princess Qingtian

Mercenary Princess Qingtian (Novel)Other Name:  傭兵王妃傾天下 Genre: novelAuthor: foxYear: 2019Chapter: 162+Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:The night breeze is cold, and on the official road, a fast horse is flying. Long hair flying, cherry-red […]

His CEO Daddy Is Really a Spoiler

His CEO Daddy Is Really a Spoiler (Novel)Other Name:  Genre: novel, Modern RomanceAuthor: bei xiao aiYear: 2018Chapter: 40+Related story: Synopsis:Tragically framed by her stepmother, she and the mysterious man had a night of entanglement, […]

Reverse life and meet Mr. Qin

Reverse life and meet Mr. Qin (Novel)Other Name: 逆转人生:遇见秦先生 Genre: novel, RomanceAuthor: Jingqi/WorkYear: 2020Chapter: 40+Related story:Read More: [Ebook] [Translate] Synopsis:I took over his kindness, after all, I have to go back to work with Shen […]

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife (Novel)Other Name: 医品毒妃倾天下 / 医毒双绝:冥王的天才宠妃 Genre: novel, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, XuanhuanAuthor: Xiang Si ZiYear: 20XXChapter: 3661 Chapters (Completed)Related story: Synopsis:At the feast of the Gluttonous House’s […]

Mr. Lu, You are My Destiny

Mr. Lu, you are my destiny (Novel)Other Name: 陆先生你是我的命中注定 / Chief Boss Genre: novel, urban romanceAuthor: Nan WuYear: 2019Chapter: 1141Related story: Synopsis:Su Li has fed dogs for 15 years of youth. Once betrayed by her […]

Give me a mum (Novel)

Give me a mum (Novel)Other Name: 拐个爹地送妈咪 Genre: novelAuthor: Jun wei waYear: 2019Chapter: 624Related story: Synopsis:Daddy, your son smashed it. A creamy bun hugged the man’s thigh like an emperor. Lu Siyan twitched at the […]

Trapped with the CEO

Trapped with the CEO (Novel)Other Name: Tian Jia Chong Qi / 天价宠妻:总裁夫人休想逃 / 天價寵妻:總裁夫人休想逃 Genre: novel, Adult, Comedy, Mature, Romance, ShoujoAuthor: Bai ChaYear: 2016Chapter: 478 Chapters (Completed)Related story: Summary:She was […]

The Rise of the Cemetery

The Rise of the Cemetery (Novel)Other Name: 墓园崛起 Genre: novel, Web Novel, gameAuthor: Really Old WolfYear: 20xxChapter: 1Related story: Summary:The Klein Continent, which is full of war, and the eerie […]

Sweet President of Sweet Wedding

Sweet President of Sweet Wedding (Novel)Other Name: 闪婚总裁甜蜜蜜 Genre: novel, President,modern, RomanceAuthor: Tang XiaominYear: 2020Chapter: XXRelated story: Summary:The family who was hurt by the scum men and women in the previous life was destroyed. Unexpectedly, […]