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Category: Entertainment

Thirteen Lives (2022)

The movie “Thirteen Lives” is over on the Prime Video app. It’s based on the true story of when a team of 13 wild boars are trapped in a cave, […]

Jurassic World: A New Ruler (2022)

Jurassic World: A New Ruler (2022) Synopsis Four years have passed since Maisie Lockwood (Isabella Salmon) decided to release dinosaurs from Isla Nublar to mainland of America. Owen (Chris Pratt) […]

Kingdom 2: To the Far Lands (2022)

Kingdom 2: To the Far Lands (2022) Synopsis During the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, Qin, a country in the west of China. It’s been half a year since […]

Marry Me (Variety Show)

“Marry Me” (嫁给我吧) is a marriage proposal reality show on Hunan TV Entertainment Channel. The program provides a platform for couples who are in love with each other, and invites […]

The Black Phone (2022)

The Black Phone (สายหลอน ซ่อนวิญญาณ)Also known as: สายหลอน ซ่อนวิญญาณ Genre: Drama, Horror, ThrillerCountry: USADirector: Scott DerricksonWriter: N/ARelease Date: 2021, July 13, 2022 (Thailand)Related Show: Cast: Ethan Hawke Mason Thames Madeleine […]