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Category: Drama

Hello My Shining Lover (2020)

Hello My Shining Lover (2020)Other Title: 遇见璀璨的你, Yu Jian Cui Can De Ni , Bright Star , My Shining Love , Hello, My Shining Love Genres: drama, Comedy, RomanceEpisodes: 45Country: ChinaDirector: Chen Ming ZhangWriter: Network: Tencent VideoRelease […]

Oh! My Sweet Liar! (2020) 偷心画师

Oh! My Sweet Liar! (2020)Other Title: 偷心画师 / Tou Xin Hua Shi Genres: drama, Historical, Comedy, RomanceEpisodes: 29Country: ChinaDirector: Cheng Ming KoWriter: Liu Meng Jiao (刘梦娇), Yi Ma (乙马), Huang Yuan (黄苑), Luo Ji (罗辑), Kan […]

Sparkle Love (2020) 心动的瞬间

Sparkle Love (2020)Other Title:  心动的瞬间 / Xin Dong De Shun Jian / Moment My Heart Skipped A Beat / The Moment My Heart Beats / 心動的瞬間 / 心动的瞬间 Genres: drama, Comedy, […]

Dearest, Where Are You (2020) 亲爱的,你在哪里

Dearest, Where Are You (2020)Other Title: 亲爱的,你在哪里 / 亲爱的你在哪里 / Qin Ai De Ni Zai Na Li Genres: drama, Romance, FamilyEpisodes: 41Country: China MainlandDirector: Wang YingWriter: Zhu Jin ChenNetwork: BTVRelease Date: Sep 16, 2020 – Oct 7, 2020Related […]

Chinatown (2020) 唐人街

Chinatown (2020)Other Title: 唐人街 / 曼谷唐人街 Genres: drama, Action, Crime, Martial ArtsEpisodes: 30Country: Hong KongDirector: Writer: Network: TVB JadeRelease Date: Sep 21, 2020 – Oct 30, 2020Related Show: Cast: Ruco Chan as Bou Cing Wan | Bou Tin […]

First Romance (2020) 初恋了那么多年

First Romance (2020)Other Title: 初恋了那么多年 / Chu Lian Le Na Me Duo Nian / First Love After So Many Years / 初戀了那麼多年 Genres: drama, Music, Comedy, Romance, School, YouthEpisodes: 24Country: ChinaDirector: Writer: Network:  YoukuRelease Date: Sep 14, […]

Oxygen (2020) ดั่งลมหายใจ

Oxygen (2020)Other Title: OXYGEN the Series – ดั่งลมหายใจ / ออกซิเจน เดอะซีรีส์ – ดั่งลมหายใจ , Oxygen: The Series Genres: drama, Thai Drama, Romance, DramaEpisodes: 13 episodesCountry: ThailandDirector: Jane BottaWriter: Jane BottaNetwork: GMM OneRelease Date: Sep 12, 2020 – Dec […]

To Dear Myself (2020) 亲爱的自己

To Dear Myself (2020)Other Title: 亲爱的自己 / My Dear Self / Dear Self / Qin Ai De Zi Ji Genres: drama, Friendship, Romance, Life, Drama, MatureEpisodes: 45Country: ChinaDirector: Ding HeiWriter:  Su Xiao YuanNetwork: Hunan TV, Mango […]

Deep Lurk (2020) 迷局破之深潜

Deep Lurk (2020)Other Title: 迷局破之深潜 / 迷局破之深潜 / Deep dive of the puzzle Genres: drama, Historical, WarEpisodes: 50Country: China MainlandDirector: Liu Guohui, Zhao LijunWriter: Yang NannanNetwork: Release Date: 2020Related Show: Cast: Cheng Yi as Wen Ye Ming […]

20 Hao Ju Le Bu

20 Hao Ju Le Bu (2022)Other Title: 20号俱乐部 / 20 Hao Ju Le Bu Genres: drama, Sports, youthEpisodes: N/ACountry:  China Director: Writer: Network: Release Date: 2022Related Show: Cast: Synopsis:At the 2018 NAI Finals, Lu Minyu won the […]