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The King of the Sky (2023) Movie

The King of the Sky (2023)
Other Name: The King of the Sky, 长空之王
Country: Mainland China
Type: Movies
Year: 2023
Director: Liu Xiaoshi
Screenwriter: Gui Guan Liu Xiaoshi
Starring: Wang Yibo Hu Jun Yu Shi Zhou Dongyu Bu Yu Zhai Yujia Wang Zichen Lu Xin »More


Outstanding pilots such as Lei Yu (played by Wang Yibo) have undergone rigorous selection and have officially become my country’s new generation of test pilots. Safety boundaries and limit states are tested.

Under the leadership of Captain Zhang Ting (played by Hu Jun), they will participate in the test flight of the latest and most cutting-edge fighter jets. In the process of constantly challenging fighter jets and their own limits, crises will come one after another.

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