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The Starry Love 星落凝成糖 Episode 6 Recap

The delicious food in front of me looks tempting, but one dish costs one hundred thousand spirit beads. Even though her stomach was growling with hunger, Ye Tan didn’t compromise, but her stubbornness lasted for a while, and she sat down at the table in an instant and ate slowly.

Shaodian Youqin was surprised, her behavior was extremely indecent, and slowly a careless remark almost revealed Ye Tan’s identity, and she simply made the lie come back, Shaodian Youqin also felt guilty because of this, thinking that she The title of concubine suffered from a lot of hunger, so she offered to pick up a plate of siu mai for her to eat.

But Yetan thought he was going to take away the siu mai, so he hurried to grab it, the rice grains in his mouth sprayed Shaodian Youqin all over, and Shaodian Youqin, who was obsessed with cleanliness by nature, suppressed his anger and did not attack.

For a few days after that, Ye Tanhe sat and ate slowly and quickly, and Shao Dian Youqin also sealed the dining hall. As long as Ye Tan agreed to go to the book bag, the meals for three meals a day would be delivered as usual. Hungry. After winning Ye Tan this time, Shaodian Youqin’s mood became clearer, and even the weather improved.

In the past few days, Shao Dian Youqin has known about Ye Tan’s food preferences, so she deliberately wrote her preferences on the brocade silk, which is considered very intentional. Xiaofeng was interrogated, and it was a fact that he killed Zhu Jiuyin, and Zhu Jiuyin was a general under Dingyun’s command. Naturally, Dingyun and the queen would not let it go. The queen asked to kill Xie Feng, and King Li nodded in agreement. When Xie Feng was about to be killed, Wu Dai led the army back to Shenyuan Realm from the border.

Wudai claims that Dingyun sent Xizuo to the border with the intention of alienating Shen Yuanjun, and Zhu Jiuyin is the leader of Xizuo, and Zhu Jiuyin is under Dingyun’s orders, and his mastermind is self-evident. Wudai’s temperament is similar to that of King Li, who knew that he disdained to fabricate lies, so angrily ordered Dingyun’s staff to be killed, leaving no one in his family. Xiaofeng killed Zhu Jiuyin by mistake, but made a contribution instead, and King Li gave him the right to supervise the generals.

Later, there was too much commotion, Concubine Xue in Luoweidong learned about this, and sent someone to summon Xiaofeng to tell the story. Danxia Shangshen specially ordered her daughter Fairy Biqiong to send Long Xiazhi to take care of her body. Fairy Biqiong will also go to the book bag tomorrow, but she just wants to stay by Xuanshang’s side to serve. Xuanshang knew her intentions, and deliberately wanted to take her as his apprentice, cutting off her personal thoughts.

Ye Tan had dreamed of going to school since she was a child, and she never wanted to go to heaven, Xuanshang asked her to go to the school bag, which actually fulfilled her childhood dream of going to school, so she happily went to the school bag. Coriander, a member of the Wuxin tribe, was in charge of sweeping the book bags, and accidentally bumped into Fairy Biqiong. She was relentless, and reminded Yetan of the past when she was bullied because of her birth.

In the end, the two of them quarreled with Qingli Xingjun, Shangshu Nang. Qing Li didn’t ask what was going on, and blamed Ye Tan for making the decision without authorization, Ye Tan didn’t explain anymore, and left angrily. When this matter was reported to Xuanshang, he got up angrily to reprimand Yetan, Hu Xian came to explain and intercede for Yetan, only then did Xuanshang know the whole story. Qing Heng outside the hall also heard Coriander’s explanation.

After that, Shao Dian Youqin went to intercede with Lord Qingli Xing, and obtained the test qualification for Ye Tan. If she passed the spiritual power test in the book bag three days later, she could enter the book bag to practice. When Coriander was sweeping, he picked up the scroll in the book bag, and eagerly practiced fairy arts, which was seen by Qing Heng.

Qing Heng felt that she was the coriander that he watered with a drop of Yaochi nectar when he was young, but for some reason, the coriander denied that she was that coriander. Even so, Qing Heng still wants to make friends with him. Xiaofeng and Gu Haichao were punished by Concubine Xue, who never allowed Xiaofeng to show his sharpness.

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