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The Starry Love 星落凝成糖 Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of the creation of the world, all beings in the four worlds were born in the pure and turbid air, but they had the power of chaos and wanted to destroy the world. Fortunately, the gods in the heavens were not afraid of life and death, and sealed the chaos in the ruins.

Unexpectedly, the sacred tree of Dongqiu, Zizhizhi, has its roots deep into the sea, and it uses chaos as its soil to breed a twin flower that can absorb the clean and turbid, and open the return to the ruins. In order to keep the common people safe, the four realms joined hands to flatten Dongqiu and destroy Shuanghua. Who would have thought that Shuanghua’s spiritual body was still alive, and after thousands of years, she came to the world in the belly of the queen of the human race.

One was Princess Qingkui, and the other was Ye Tan. Princess, these two princesses have different fates. Princess Qingkui is the eldest daughter, born with auspicious omens, and has been registered as a god and concubine since she was a child. The second princess, Yetan, was the concubine of the Shenyuan clan. When she was born, there was an ominous omen, and the queen also died. Her majesty confined her in the Chaolu Palace.

In the past eighteen years, Yetan can’t remember how many open and dark arrows she has been subjected to, but she will never bow to this inhuman world. The day after tomorrow is the day when he and Qingkui leave the court, and Ye Tan will definitely vent his anger.

She made her personal pet slowly change into the appearance of His Majesty, and vented her anger on him. Qingkui went to visit her father and persuaded him to go with her to Chaolu Hall to see Yetan, just in time to see Yetan slowly venting her anger at the majesty. His Majesty was annoyed at her insulting her father and king, and threw Ye Tan into the dungeon regardless of Qing Kui’s obstruction.

In the mysterious territory of the God Realm, Shaodian Youqin, who is honored as Xuanshang, has been in seclusion for 1,500 years, and today is the day of his departure. He gave up too many desires and knew nothing about the world, Fei Chi reminded him to be careful when he saw the three Wannian ancestors. As soon as they met, the Heavenly Emperor measured the progress of Xuanshang’s spells, and all the immortals were amazed when they saw that Shaodian Youqin had trained a nine-fold golden body.

The Emperor of Heaven told Shaodian Youqin that as the eldest son of the emperor, he wanted to maintain the friendship between God and man, and after a short rest, he would go to the human world to issue an edict to Princess Qingkui.

Outside, Qing Kui was preparing a lively coming out banquet, but Ye Tan was imprisoned in the dark and boundless dungeon. She was very familiar with this place, and she was often imprisoned in it for eighteen years. She is about to leave the cabinet in a few days, and she knows that today should be the last time she will be locked up here. Qing Kui secretly took the key, opened the door of the dungeon and released Ye Tan, and gave her a handkerchief embroidered by herself. Although Ye Tan looked disgusted on the surface, he was still happy in his heart, and pretended to accept it reluctantly.

Knowing that Qingkui is going to marry Shaodian Youqin, and that he wants to repair Guixu, maybe after cultivating to become a fairy, Qingkui will have to stay alone in the vacant room. Yetan does not want her sister to step into the fire pit, and secretly vows in her heart that she will not let her marry him. Xuan Shang. She went to the Siqu Pavilion in the Monster City to offer a huge reward for those with high mana power, but unexpectedly the applicants were all rats.

Ye Tan’s contempt made these people angry and chased him down. It happened that Xuanshang came here to inquire about Shen Yuan’s family information and rescued Ye Tan. Ye Tan worshiped Xuanshang’s superb spells and begged him to help him kidnap someone, but he didn’t expect that the person in front of him was Xuanshang. Ye Tan took out Li Guangshi’s token, Xuan Shang recognized her as Qing Kui, Ye Tan made the wrong mistake, trying to destroy Qing Kui’s image in Xuan Shang’s heart, forcing him to withdraw from the engagement and not marry Qing Kui.

Shen Yuan’s family is in conflict, and the third son of Shen Yuan Li Wang mocks Feng and intends to assassinate the eldest son Wudai in the city of monsters, and blame him on the second son Dingyun, but Shaodian Youqin and Ye Tan see it.

Xiaofeng and his subordinate Gu Haichao wanted to kill the two of them, and Yetan wanted to take the opportunity to kill Shaodian Youqin, so that Qingkui would not have to marry him again. Shao Dian Youqin didn’t know what Ye Tan was thinking, and he protected her thoughtfully, defeating Xiaofeng and Gu Haichao with ease, Ye Tan showed a look of admiration.

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