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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 27 Recap

After the horse-drawn carriage team entered Tianqi City, Mu Chunfeng spent a lot of money to help the victims, and asked Chunfeng Building to prepare hundreds of meals, and entertained the whole city in the name of Yong’an Wang Xiao Chuhe. The people were full of praise when they heard the words, and Mu Chunfeng even ordered people to collect rent from various shops, the purpose of which was to deter the other party.

Just because Mu Chunfeng came to the Qianjin Terrace in person, the four big merchants followed closely. Over the years, they have taken refuge in the Scarlet King Xiao Yu, and they would never have attended the banquet unless forced by the situation. Xiao Se took the initiative to invite Mu Chunfeng to sit in the honored seat on the second floor, promising to make him worship the Immortal Doctor as his teacher. Mu Chunfeng was overjoyed, and accidentally learned the real name of the Immortal Doctor.

Although the Mu family in Qingzhou is as rich as an enemy country, they are only merchants after all, and Xiao Se has not held the banquet for a long time. The scene is too big and the guests are too few. The brothers from the Sanmen and Nineteen Mansions were silent, their faces a little embarrassed. Soon there was a horse neighing outside the door, Lanyue Hou Xiao Yueli got off his horse and walked into Qianjin Terrace, Tu Erye observed Xiao Se’s expression, obviously the person Xiao Se was waiting for was not Xiao Yueli.

But Xiao Yueli’s invitation to Dong Zhu completely surprised everyone. As we all know, this veteran of the three dynasties has been an upright and honest official for fifty years. He has no involvement in the party and government, and is not associated with powerful people. He can sit with the emperor. After the case of King Langya, he rarely attended banquets. Now he will attend in person. Explain Xiao Se’s status.

Sure enough, the news spread quickly, and the Six Departments of the Central Committee couldn’t sit still. They rushed to Qianjin Terrace one after another, and within a short time, the house was full of guests. Red King Xiao Yu was annoyed, and he was also watching White King Xiao Chong’s joke. After all, Xiao Chong respected his teacher, how dare he be absent when the grand master came forward. Unexpectedly, when the words fell, Qi Tianchen came to the banquet slowly, and all the officials in the court and the apocalypse were all dumbfounded.

A grand feast, two supervisors and national teachers attended one after another, the momentum was the same for a while, the pressure finally fell on the Xiao royal family. As the voice of Qianjintai’s attendants sounded again, Xiao Chong and Xiao Yu came late, one was gentle and indifferent, the other was arrogant and arrogant. In the past, brothers had deep feelings, but later they fought fiercely, and now they still sit at the same table.

Xiao Se sat at the head of the high platform, calmly watched the opening of the banquet, and the guests talked with each other until the goddess Rui came to her side. Seeing that it was almost time, Xiao Se raised his glass to toast, and suddenly lifted the curtain of the stone wall on the Qianjin Terrace, and the word “Dian” came into view, solemn and solemn, which made everyone chilled.

Lei Wujie and others all put on mourning clothes. Immediately after the sound of drums and the sound of zither, Xiao Se swung his sword and left two lines of poems in honor of Tang Lian on the stone wall. The song was over, and the audience was silent. The maids poured into the Qianjin Terrace like a file, holding bean soup and rice in their hands. The plate was not exquisite, just ordinary rice mixed with tofu soup.

Xiao Se and Mu Chunfeng successively explained and added, and Qi Tianchen and Dong Zhu took the lead in tasting. All the guests finally understood that the so-called imperial banquet was actually a funeral. If they didn’t finish the bean soup and rice today, it would be disrespectful to the deceased, and they would not be able to walk out of Qianjin Terrace. Everyone at the scene stretched out their hands to pick up the bean soup and rice one after another, including Bai Wang Xiao Chong, but Xiao Yu walked straight out of the door with his subordinate Long Xie.

Just when Xiao Se stepped forward to stop him, Emperor Ming De suddenly arrived, and the four major supervisors walked in front, with great momentum, Xiao Se led everyone to kneel down to welcome him. Emperor Mingde talked to Xiao Se through the curtain, and ate bean soup in full view. When he heard that Xueyue City’s disciple had passed away, he was silent for a moment and sighed that Xiao Se had grown up, and he could let go of whatever he wanted to do. Do.

A few seemingly innocuous words are enough to illustrate the fact that Xiao Se is still the proud son of heaven, the most valued son of Emperor Mingde, the former prince Xiao Chuhe. When Emperor Ming De returned to the palace, the banquet at the Qianjin Terrace was completely over, and the guests left one after another, Hua Jin chose to stay and reminisce with Xiao Se and the others.

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