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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 25 Recap

At the same time, Xiao Yueli summoned 800 Hu Benlang to go out of the city, and all the soldiers went straight to the city gate with their blood boiled, fully armed. Lei Wujie had been waiting in the official way for a long time, until the eldest disciple Lu Yuzhai appeared, and declared himself to be the guardian of the Qinglong, showing his heart sword, like a dragon blocking the opponent’s spear, not forgetting to use his mouth to delay time.

Lu Yudi was not as good as others in terms of marksmanship or state, so he was naturally provoked by Lei Wujie, and he had no breakthrough after several rounds of fighting. It was also because of Lei Wujie’s extreme sword energy that the swordsmen of Wushuang City were defeated one after another, and the outcome was obvious. But at a critical moment, Song Yanhui descended from the sky, and he and Lei Wujie fought for more than ten moves, and they were evenly matched.

Lei Wujie reprimanded Song Yanhui for losing the heart of the sword and forgetting the meaning of the sword. The swordsman who cared about the world and punished evil and promoted good has long since ceased to exist. Song Yanhui was moved when he heard the words, and suddenly realized that he only wanted to draw his sword to defeat Xueyue City all these years, but he didn’t remember the original intention at all, so he simply let Lei Wujie go.

Chen Hu led the Luocheng army to attack quickly, and suddenly encountered a person blocking the way in front of him. This person was Sikong Qianluo with a silver gun, and he was the guardian of the southern Suzaku. Sikong Qianluo resisted thousands of troops with one person, his spears shuttled like a dragon, horses fell in front of her, and soldiers fell from their horses one by one.

Soon hundreds of soldiers were reduced to dead bodies, but Sikong Qianluo still refused to back down. Just as Chen Hu launched another attack, Ye Ruoyi led the army to arrive in time. Seeing that the general Chen Hu was dead, the soldiers fled in defeat. Sikong Qianluo and Ye Ruoyi set off for Tianqi together after the round.

At this moment in Muliang City, Ji Xue, the daughter of Ji Ruofeng who is ranked as the White Tiger, meets Sikong Changfeng and responds to Bai Xiaotang’s reason for reopening the martial arts list. Sikong Changfeng noticed the jug that Ji Xue was going to give to Luo Qingyang, and learned from her that Muliang City was once a prosperous place, but unfortunately the climate changed and the residents moved south, so it was so dilapidated that it was jokingly called desolate city. Ji Xue gave the jug to Luo Qingyang and left. Sikong Changfeng couldn’t help being generous to the new successor of Baixiaotang, who was far better than her father.

Compared with other places where the sun is shining brightly or the clouds are densely covered, the place where Tang Lian is located is cloudy and rainy. Sitting in a tea shop, she tastes a fine wine called Lao Shaoyao. Before the underworld killer arrived, Tang Lian took out a piece of silver and handed it to the owner of the tea shop, telling him to run for his life. Sure enough, the owner noticed something strange and ran away in fright.

On the way back to Apocalypse, Xiao Se met Sword Immortal Fu, and thought that there would be a fierce battle, but Sword Immortal Fu saw that Xiao Se had just stepped into the Vajra Realm, so he didn’t bother to fight him. Sword Immortal Nu left an agreement before leaving, hoping that when Xiao Se becomes a real master, the two can fight each other.

Xiao Yueli had been waiting in the suburbs for a long time, and finally met Xiao Se who was running wildly, and Eight Hundred Tigers made way to watch him go back to the city. Then Ye Ruoyi, Sikong Changfeng and others appeared, and Xiao Yueli thought that they would defend Xiao Se against a wave of enemies, so she didn’t continue to obstruct her. Not long after Xiao Yueli had just left, Lei Wujie appeared on his horse, and the three of them were able to reunite. They firmly believed that with Tang Lian’s ability, they would definitely rush to Tianqi City.

On the other hand, the tea shop has been destroyed and there are no intact tables and chairs around. Tang Lian put out seven starry night wine, and every time she drank a cup, the momentum would become stronger. However, this kind of wine can improve the realm in a short period of time, and it will also make people suffer great pain. Drinking seven cups in a row will lead to death.

When Tang Lian drank the sixth cup, all the Underworld Killers fell to the ground, except Xie Qidao. But the strong impact and fierce battle left Tang Lian without any strength. Seeing Xie Qidao transforming into seven evil spirits, Tang Lian raised the cup of Yao Guang without hesitation and drank it down in one gulp. The seven starry night wines were poured into her stomach, and Tang Lian used her last move to defeat Xie Qidao and became the final winner.

However, at the end of this battle, Tang Lian was seriously injured and collapsed on the ground, flashing through her mind like a revolving lantern, memories from childhood to adulthood. The young Tang Lian waited for her parents to return home, but the figure she expected did not appear at the end of the road, until Tang Lianyue appeared and accepted him as a disciple, and later worshiped Baili Dongjun.

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