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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 20 Recap

Seeing that her daughter was fine, Ye Xiaoying felt a little relieved, and then followed Ye Ruoyi into Leijiabao. But Lei Yunhe felt that Ye Xiaoying’s sudden appearance was definitely not as simple as looking at his daughter, he was probably coming for Xiao Se. If this is true, as long as Ye Xiaoying gave an order, thousands of soldiers would break into Leijiabao to snatch people, and they would be unable to stop them. Lei Wujie was shocked when he heard the words, and threatened that he would protect Xiao Se.

Because Xiao Se had taken the three-day pill and was in the stage of returning to light, he was extremely brave within a stick of incense, but if the time for a stick of incense passed, even the gods would be difficult to save him. Just when Xie Xuan and Wuxin were about to unload all of Xiao Se’s skills, the little doctor Xian Huajin arrived in time, and suppressed Xiao Se’s illness through their true energy.

At this moment, the Leijiabao is very lively, Ye Xiaoying and Xiao Yueli seem to be friendly on the face, but in fact they are at odds, and they are both saying things that Lei Wujie can’t understand at all. But Lei Wujie and Sikong Qianluo confirmed that Xiao Se was the current sixth prince Xiao Chuhe through their few words, and the reactions they gave were completely different.

Lei Wujie was overwhelmed with surprise, and Sikong Qianluo was secretly surprised, and then told Tang Lian the news. Unexpectedly, Tang Lian had already guessed that Xiao Se’s identity was not simple. Wuxin came out of the room, and didn’t respond to Xiao Se’s identity, but started talking with Xiao Yueli, and praised Hua Jin’s superb medical skills, and could pull Xiao Se back from the gate of hell with just a few strokes.

Ye Xiaoying didn’t have the patience to listen to their reminiscences, and got up to go into the room to look at Xiao Se, but was stopped by Lei Wujie, Tang Lian and others, and the three of them revealed their identity as guardian envoys on the spot. Xiao Yueli and Ye Xiaoying quarreled endlessly, and Hua Jin also came out of the room, saying that he could not cure Xiao Se, and if he returned to Tianqi now, he might die on the way.

In today’s world, the only people who can cure Xiao Se are the Immortal Doctor Xin Baicao and the National Teacher Qi Tianchen. But Qi Tianchen can only save Xiao Se’s life, after which Xiao Se will never be able to practice martial arts and become an ordinary person for the rest of his life. However, Xin Baicao traveled all over the world and disappeared for many years. Everyone felt a burst of despair. Xie Xuan suddenly thought that overseas Tianshan Penglai Island might be able to find the lost immortals to replenish their souls.

Baili Dongjun visited Penglai Island twice. He once mentioned the immortal on Penglai Island. The other party can ride the wind, walk against the wind, coexist with the heaven and the earth, and grow old with the sun and the moon, so Xie Xuan believes that this person must Can cure Xiao Se. Although going to Penglai Island is a narrow escape, Xiao Se insists on taking the risk, and makes an agreement with Xiao Yueli and the others to meet again in Xueyue City a year later. Xiao Yueli knew Xiao Se’s temperament, and also hoped that Xiao Se would appear as Xiao Chuhe.

After Xiao Yue left, Ye Xiaoying took Ye Ruoyi to leave Leijiabao. Wuxin bid farewell to Xiao Se and others, I believe there will be a day of reunion. On the other hand, when Xiao Chong got the news that the Tang Sect united with the dark river to bring a fatal blow to Leijiabao, he always felt that someone was manipulating behind the scenes and ordered his subordinates to continue the investigation.

Tang Lian asked Sikong Qianluo to return to Xueyue City to report the situation to Sikong Changfeng, and Sikong Qianluo reluctantly left. Xiao Se knew that the entire Tang Sect regarded him as an enemy. While the two were talking, Lei Wujie took the initiative to run over and offered to take Xiao Se around the vicinity of Leijiabao. Xiao Se felt that he was finally promising.

Wuxin returns to Hanshui Temple, and finds that there is only one senior brother left in the temple, and he decides to let Marquis Ming stay to treat his illness, so that he can recover his sanity one day. Next, Wuxin wanted to find Li Hanyi. Hearing that Li Hanyi led the crowd to defeat his father Ye Dingzhi, he really wanted to know the truth about this matter.

When Xiao Yueli returned to Tianqi, he first asked the national teacher about Penglai Island, and then went to the palace to report the current situation. Emperor Mingde was furious when he heard the words, dissatisfied that these young people actually interfered in the royal family’s affairs, but when he learned that Xiao Se’s meridians were destroyed, his mood was extremely complicated. Although Xiao Yueli promised Xiao Se to go to Penglai Island to survive, Emperor Ming De still wanted to bring Xiao Se back and appointed Jin Wei to rush to Dongji to run a business.

At this moment, Xiao Se and others were in the east, and Lei Wujie was looking for food everywhere. Through the mouth of a local woman, he heard that the seaside market had long been closed, and he had to go to the next door. Seeing that Lei Wujie hadn’t come back for a long time, Tang Lian couldn’t help but feel a little worried. As soon as the words fell, Lei Wujie came back with a plate of crabs and described what he saw and the boats. Now only cedar longboats can sail to the deep sea. Think of the richest man in Qingzhou among the Nine Cities.

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