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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 18 Recap

In Leijiabao, the Thunderbolt Hall in the south of the Yangtze River, Lei Hong taught the children to walk in the rivers and lakes, and he drew his sword to help when he saw injustice on the road. The sect master Lei Qianhu felt helpless because of this, and the cold poison in his body spread rapidly, thanks to the Wen family’s method of fighting poison with poison, he barely survived until now, and only hoped that the hero meeting could be successfully held. When Lei Hong heard that Li Hanyi and Zhao Yuzhen had gone down the mountain one after another, the expression of surprise disappeared in an instant, followed by a solemn expression.

Fortunately, Zhao Yuzhen met the Confucian sword fairy Xie Xuan, and the two teamed up to force out the poisonous needle in Li Hanyi’s body, ensuring her life was safe. It was also because Zhao Yuzhen forcibly channeled his true qi, which caused his qi sea to surge and hurt him even more. He failed to fully grasp the poisonous needle, but instead entered his body, and he had to pretend to be calm in front of Xie Xuan.

Xie Xuan was shocked that Qi Tianchen actually revealed the revelation for Zhao Yuzhen, but unfortunately even the national teacher could not prevent the tragedy from happening, and secretly lamented how to rejuvenate the dead tree. Zhao Yuzhen sat in the yard until Li Hanyi regained consciousness, his eyes were only gentle, and ten years of waiting seemed to be a flash of youth.Zhao Yuzhen has entrusted Xie Xuan to find a yard planted with peach trees, just like the scene when the two first met, except that this time Li Hanyi became his most beautiful bride. When Li Hanyi married Zhao Yuzhen, it happened to be the last moment of Zhao Yuzhen’s life. Before he finished worshiping, Zhao Yuzhen fell to the ground with a bang, and died without regret in her arms.

During the day, the stars fell and the Pojun sword shook. The peach blossom tree, which was originally a luxuriant peach blossom tree, withered and yellowed instantly, just like its owner lost its vitality. The disciples of Wangcheng Mountain wept sadly and vowed revenge. Su Muyu looked at the abnormal sky outside the car window, she really didn’t understand Su Changhe’s behavior, and felt worthless for their offending Wangcheng Mountain and Xueyue City.

Emperor Mingde urgently called Lanyuehou Xiao Yueli into the palace, first took him to visit Xiao Chong at the White Palace, and then went to the Red Palace to meet Xiao Yu. Compared with Xiao Chong’s empathy, Xiao Yu looks extremely stubborn, doing nothing all day long and being lazy, even Xiao Yueli looks down on this eldest nephew. In fact, Emperor Mingde’s intention to find Xiao Yueli was nothing more than to let him go to the hero meeting instead of him, and once again convey his true thoughts to Xiao Se.

Since Zhao Yuzhen’s death, Li Hanyi has completely gone mad, looking for Su Changhe everywhere to avenge her husband. Although Confucian Sword Immortal Xie Xuan is knowledgeable and talented, but it is difficult for him to subdue Li Hanyi by himself, let alone solve her obsession, so he went to Nu Sword Immortal for help. It was precisely because of Xie Xuan’s appearance that Wuxin finally escaped, and Sword Immortal Fu had no patience, and directly knocked Li Hanyi unconscious with a palm.

Mu Ying reported the news of Su Changli’s death to Su Changhe, Xie Qidao clearly saw the killing intent in Su Muyu’s eyes, but Su Changhe did not pursue Mu Ying’s responsibility. In Su Muyu’s view, Su Changli was more like a swordsman than a killer, and he shouldn’t have ended up like this. However, as an elder brother, Su Changhe was so calm when he heard the news of his younger brother’s death, it was really strange, Su Muyu and Xie Qidao were already suspicious.

Lei Qianhu is not a person who likes ostentation, but this time the Hero Banquet is really important to him. The purpose is to let the whole Jianghu know that even if Lei Qianhu is no longer alive in the future, Leimen will be far more prosperous than before, because the Leimen twins are about to Reappear the rivers and lakes. When the guests from all walks of life came to the door, Lei Qianhu and Lei Tianhen stood guard at the door to welcome the most important Mrs. Tang. His arrival was the key to the banquet.

Xiao Se and others encountered obstacles on the way to Leijiabao, and the opponents were Su Muyu and Xie Qidao. The disciples of the Lei family were ordered to find Lei Wujie and help Lei Wujie block the attack of Su Muyu and Xie Qidao, and soon lost their lives. At the same time, Mrs. Tang teamed up with Mu Yumo to poison the wine, and set up a thousand spider formations to trap Lei Qianhu

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