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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 16 Recap

At the critical moment of life and death, Xiao Se remembered the exercises given by Confucian Sword Immortal, and transported his internal energy to Lei Wujie and Sikong Qianluo. The two worked together to deal with Mu Ying, and Lei Wujie even used the eighth level of the fire-burning technique. Sure enough, Mu Ying fled in a panic, and Xiao Se also collapsed to the ground.

Sikong Qianluo tried to launch the Thousand Cities Order to summon allies, Xiao Se realized that something was wrong, and the allies might come before the enemies. Fortunately, Luo Mingxuan showed up with the disciples from Jianxinzhong. Lei Wujie saw his grandfather Li Suwang in Jianxin Pavilion. The reunion of grandparents and grandchildren was overjoyed. Li Suwang decided to give him a better sword.

Gu Huajin, the king of medicine, personally healed Xiao Se’s injuries, but Xiao Se had no external injuries, only a disordered pulse, which was a rare symptom. Tang Lian took Ye Ruoyi to avoid being chased by the same family. Ye Ruoyi was weak and unable to parry, so she unintentionally descended from the sky to block the hidden weapon for her, and then dragged Tang Lian and Ye Ruoyi to disappear without a trace.

King Li Su introduced the top ten famous swords in the world to Lei Wujie, and also showed the “Xin” sword, which was obtained by successive generations of Jianxin Tomb and ranked fourth. The body of this sword is slender and thin, almost transparent. It is named after a single character. The sword can be of the same spirit. If it has the same mind as the sword owner, it can break the meaning of ordinary swords. Back then, Lei Wujie’s mother was the owner of this sword, but later she fell in love with Lei Mengsha and went to the rivers and lakes together. Every time Li Suwang mentioned it, he would beat his chest and stamp his feet.

Although Lei Wujie tried to pull out the sword many times, Xinjian didn’t respond at all. Li Suwang said that he should communicate with him carefully. It was also because of this that Lei Wujie closed his eyes and concentrated on contemplating enlightenment. When he suddenly saw his mother Li Xinyue, he couldn’t help but burst into tears. Li Xinyue instructed Lei Wujie to understand that the real meaning of holding a sword is to protect. Lei Wujie was deeply inspired, and the illusion receded into the heart of the sword.

Seeing that Lei Wujie could master the Heart Sword so quickly, Li Suwang was very happy, and introduced the remaining three famous swords to Lei Wujie. The divine sword left by the founding emperor is not allowed to be worn by those who are not destined for heaven. It has not been seen for hundreds of years, and it is enshrined in the Qintianjian and guarded by the national teacher.

The next day, when the sun shone into the room, Xiao Se woke up slowly and saw Sikong Qianluo lying beside the bed, feeling warm in his heart. Sikong Qianluo found that Xiao Se’s spirit had improved, and he finally felt relieved, and personally fed him the medicine, meticulously throughout the whole process. Hua Jin talked to Li Suwang about Xiao Se’s situation, hoping to cure him. By the way, he felt that his brother Sikong Changfeng was half-hearted. If he focused on medicine with his talent, he might be far better than his master.

Hua Jin told Xiao Se of his identity, saw the strange book given to him by Confucian Sword Immortal, and finally understood why he had pulse disorder. Li Suwang came to see Xiao Se alone, wondering how he would comment on the pursuit of the dark river, Xiao Se felt that they were not coming for him, and there might be another conspiracy, which should be related to Leijiabao, and the most urgent thing is to rush to Leijiabao as soon as possible.

That night, Li Suwang fought against Su Changli and Mu Ying alone, but just after one move, Lei Wujie and others had already appeared. Lei Wujie drew out his heart sword and competed with Su Changli, but he did not expect to defeat him easily, and watched Su Changli blew himself up to death. Lei Wujie, who has always been pure and kind-hearted, has never thought of killing anyone, but Xiao Se knew that this sword was done by King Li Su, and the purpose was to let Lei Wujie’s Gentleman Sword bring a bit of murderous spirit and travel around the world It is to live rather than to win.

Xiao Se thanked Li Suwang for saving his life. Li Suwang saw his origin and said that his daughter died four years ago, and now he only hopes to protect Lei Wujie to live well. After bidding farewell to King Li Su, Xiao Se and Sikong Qianluo caught up with Lei Wujie, watched him lost his mind, and realized that it would take a long time for Lei Wujie to grow up. Xiao Se comforted Lei Wujie to face it bravely, the world is like a mirror, only through the mirror can you see your heart.

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