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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 16 Recap

After getting along with her for a long time, Wanwan let go of her prejudice against Yuwen Liangxu, and sincerely regards him as her friend, and also knows that he is not a secret agent sent by King Nanyuan. But Murong Gaogong refused to believe it, and was still unwilling to let Yuwen Liangxu go. Wanwan had no choice but to climb over the wall and bring him food.

Unexpectedly, he ran into Yuwen Liangxu on the wall who was about to climb over the wall to get out. Wanwan confessed to Yuwen Liangxu directly, saying that she likes him. Hearing this, Yuwen Liangxu was both surprised and happy, and dragged Wanwan to his room. He took out his jade pendant and handed it to Wanwan as a token of love.

King Nanyuan’s men were still searching around outside, but they didn’t know that Xiao Duo had already entered Jinguan City. In this way, King Nanyuan could not act rashly. Coincidentally, Empress Rong An had already returned to the palace, so the King of Nanyuan hurriedly asked someone to write a letter to find out Xiao Duo’s fatal weakness from Rong An.

This Jinguan City is the place where Buyinlou grew up, and his cousin who played with him also lived here. After resting, Buyinlou went to visit his cousin’s mansion. Now that his cousin, Mr. Liancheng, is doing something under King Nanyuan, Buyinlou can’t help worrying that his visit to the city will affect him. Mr. Liancheng didn’t care about this, but he never thought that Buyinlou would like Xiao Duo. Just as he was talking, Xiao Duo pushed the door open and entered. Buyinlou quickly greeted him, and asked Xiao Duo to help his cousin leave the drunken building

Xiao Duo deliberately placed his residence in Mengyunxuan, a small courtyard by the river, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with beautiful scenery. Most importantly, this is where the two took refuge that day. Although he is not familiar with the place, he can live a leisurely life. At night, Buyinlou was suffering from hunger, so Xiao Duo dispatched Zhaodingwei to buy supper in the city. But the supper they bought didn’t suit Bu Yinlou’s appetite. The two simply went to the street to eat hot supper with flesh and blood. After eating and drinking, the two also picked up a dog, which Buyinlou named “Grandpa Ba”.

Seeing the two getting closer, Tong Yun couldn’t help nagging, if Murong Gaogong noticed something abnormal, even if Buyinlou had ten heads, it would not be enough to chop off. Bu Yinlou also had a big heart, and advised Tong Yun to wait until something happened. Tong Yun then reminded Bu Yinlou that Xiao Duo was an eunuch. Unexpectedly, Bu Yinlou was very firm, and said bluntly, even if Xiao Duo was a cripple, he would still like him. Tong Yun was angry and impatient, but he had nothing to do with the master at home.

Bu Yinlou couldn’t stand Tong Yun’s nagging, so he got up and went to Xiao Duo’s room. As soon as he entered the door, Bu Yinlou lay down on the bed very directly. Xiao Duo was overjoyed and embarrassed, so he planned to go outside. Unexpectedly, Bu Yinlou grabbed the corner of his clothes and motioned him to sleep together. But Xiao Duo never expected that Buyinlou would “make an inch” and not only want to share the bed with him, but also hug him to sleep.

If Xiao Duo hadn’t entered the palace at the beginning, he should have been married at his age, maybe even have children. But Bu Yinlou doesn’t know what kind of woman Xiao Duo likes. Before he finished speaking, Xiao Duo lost his eyes. Bu Yinlou suddenly felt bored, so he withdrew his hand. But looking at Xiao Duo who was sleeping soundly, Bu Yinlou couldn’t help but get sensual, and secretly kissed Xiao Duo’s lips. As everyone knows, Xiao Duo is just pretending to sleep. Xiao Duo, who had been kissed by someone, blushed and his heart beat, and turned over quietly to caress Bu Yinlou’s hair. Bu Yinlou noticed the movement, and happily turned around to hug Xiao Duo.

This morning, Tongyun couldn’t find Buyinlou no matter how hard he searched, so he asked Cao Chunang. Cao Chun’an was also very puzzled, shouldn’t Buyinlou be in her own room. But as soon as the words fell, Bu Yinlou walked out of Xiao Duo’s room. Both Tong Yun and Cao Chun’an were taken aback, not knowing what to say for a while.

Qiu Yuebai, A Duo’s old man, came to Xiao’s house and claimed to be A Duo’s opponent. Now that Xiao Duo is not in the house, the officials have no choice but to drive her away. But unexpectedly, Rong An actually picked her up.

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