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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 13 Recap

After the turmoil was settled, Sikong Changfeng personally entertained Xiao Chong, and after knowing his intentions for coming this time, he repeatedly stated that the grievances of Tianqi City had nothing to do with Xueyue City, and put aside the relationship in disguise. Lei Wujie, Sikong Qianluo and others gathered together to chat, and accidentally mentioned the eyes of Bai Wang Xiaochong. Xiao Se revealed that he was blind in both eyes after eating poisonous cakes by mistake when he was young, and it was useless to search for medical officials.

Then Xiao Chong summoned Xiao Se alone, but it was a pity that he hadn’t seen him for many years, things were different, Xiao Se’s attitude towards Xiao Chong was also different, and his words were full of alienation. Xiao Chong passed the decree to Xiao Se, as long as he is willing to return to Tianqi City, all mistakes will be forgotten. However, Xiao Se refused to accept the decree, even if he risked the crime of beheading, in his opinion, his past was completely correct.

It was also because of Xiao Se’s insistence that Xiao Chong didn’t insist anymore, but gave him three days to think about it, and gave him a reply after three days. Zang Ming feels unworthy for Xiao Chong, after all Xiao Chong’s blindness was related to Xiao Se, but Xiao Chong thinks that everyone is just a child and ignorant, good or bad doesn’t matter.

Sikong Changfeng and Li Hanyi were discussing about King Bai’s visit to Xueyue City. Ye Ruoyi stood silently at the door and listened to the whole conversation. When she was walking back, she unexpectedly met Xiao Chong head-on. Xiao Chong hoped that Ye Ruoyi would go to persuade Xiao Se in person because of his childhood sweetheart, but Ye Ruoyi agreed when he heard the words, and had other plans in mind, so he did not go to see Xiao Se for a long time.

Ye Ruoyi’s father, Ye Xiaoying, was a generation of famous generals cultivated by King Langya himself, and because of his decisive killing, he was given the nickname Rentu. Emperor Ming De intentionally disclosed Xiao Se’s news to Ye Xiaoying, knowing that he had been ashamed of his sixth son Xiao Chuhe in these years, if he could return to Tianqi City, he hoped that Ye Xiaoying would take care of this matter on his behalf.

Soon the news reached the ears of the five chief supervisors, and three of them wanted to know Jinxian’s attitude. Jinxian didn’t want to intervene in this competition, but it aroused Jinwei’s dissatisfaction. The chief supervisor, Jinxuan, suddenly came in from the door and warned the four of them that they must abide by the holy will, be content without being humiliated, and know that they will stop before they can survive for a long time. Jinyu, the book supervisor, knew that Jinyan valued Xiao Chuhe very much in his heart, and Jinxian also lamented why he had to make a choice, because the court disputes hurt the feelings of these princes when they were young.

Once upon a time, Xiao Chuhe and his second elder brother Xiao Chong were very close, but later Xiao Chong accidentally ate the cake brought by Xiao Se and went blind. Even though it has been so long in the past, Xiao Se has always been obsessed with it, often waking up from nightmares. Lei Wujie had nothing to do, and wanted Xiao Se to accompany him to find Ye Ruoyi, but Xiao Se couldn’t refuse, so he reluctantly agreed.

Ye Ruoyi sat in a daze in the pavilion, Xiao Chong passed by and smelled the fragrance of tea, so he took the initiative to chat with him. Ye Ruoyi lied that she went to see Xiao Se yesterday, and she clearly felt that he seemed to be a different person. He used to be a vigorous young man, full of self-confidence and charm, but now he became lazy and decadent, treating anyone or anything All indifferent.

As soon as the words fell, Lei Wujie brought Xiao Se over, unexpectedly Xiao Chong was also here. Xiao Chong didn’t mind Lei Wujie’s hasty interruption, he simply asked his identity, and brought the topic to Xiao Se. Lei Wujie was surprised when he heard that Ye Ruoyi had looked for Xiao Se alone. Seeing Ye Ruoyi’s wink, Xiao Se took advantage of the opportunity to admit that the two had met yesterday.

Hearing Xiao Se’s response, Xiao Chong didn’t pursue further, and got up and left after sitting for a while. Because there were no outsiders present, Lei Wujie finally breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly recovered his nature of chatterbox, and showed off to Ye Ruoyi his deeds of climbing to the Tiange, trying to make her look at him with admiration.

Sikong Changfeng sat in the room looking at the Vermillion Bird Token, recalling many things in the past. Sikong Qianluo knew the origin of the token through his father, and resolutely succeeded Suzaku envoy, saying that he only wanted to protect the people he cared about. This is very similar to Sikong Changfeng when he was young, although he later took responsibility. Sikong Changfeng respected his daughter’s choice, and then asked her about her feelings for Xiao Se, and sure enough, Sikong Qianluo showed shyness when he heard the words.

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