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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 10 Recap

It was this beautiful girl who agreed to come back for the sword competition in March, and Zhao Yuzhen really waited for March under the peach blossom tree until Li Hanyi came late. Before the sword competition, Zhao Yuzhen asked Li Hanyi to take off his mask, but Li Hanyi had no choice but to do so, and then Zhao Yuzhen performed a move called Infinite Calamity, and the mahogany sword in his hand flew into the air, suddenly turning into thousands of handles.

Li Hanyi used Yuexihuachen, a sword that attracted peach blossoms all over the mountain, and smashed the tens of thousands of peachwood swords. In the end, the result of this battle was a draw, and Li Hanyi and Zhao Yuzhen withdrew their swords without saying a word of victory, and gradually fell in love. Li Hanyi suggested that Zhao Yuzhen go down the mountain, but Zhao Yuzhen felt that Master would not agree, because his going down the mountain would cause chaos in the world. Because of this, Li Hanyi said that he would come to Wangcheng Mountain again in a year and insisted on taking him out of here.

As for what happened later, Tang Lian didn’t know. He guessed that Zhao Yuzhen should be waiting for someone in Wangcheng Mountain, just like he was born in the Tang Sect and worshiped Baili Dongjun, the world’s wine fairy, as his teacher. Waiting for someone, but this waiting is six years. Xiao Se thinks that people in the Tang Sect are always like this. They are given too many missions from birth, live without freedom and are very tired, and never live for themselves.

At the same time, Lei Yunhe rode a crane to Wangcheng Mountain, and returned to this place after many years, in order to settle the old and new grudges. When Lei Hong passed by Wangcheng Mountain and witnessed Yuexihuachen’s swordsmanship, he was completely obsessed with swordsmanship, even if he was kicked out of Leimen. Lei Yunhe blamed Zhao Yuzhen for this incident, and went to compete with Zhao Yuzhen himself, but unexpectedly, his right arm was cut off by the opponent.

After drinking for three rounds, Tang Lian still didn’t forget to ask Xiao Se’s purpose of staying in Xueyue City, and why he wanted eight million taels. Xiao Se said that when he got the money, he could recruit troops and buy horses to fight back to Tianqi City. Although Lei Wujie didn’t understand Xiao Se’s real intentions, he still very righteously threatened that he would help Xiao Se.

At this moment, a figure flashed past, and it was going to Li Hanyi’s retreat. Lei Wujie realized that something was wrong, and hurriedly stepped forward to intercept the strange man, emphasizing that the master is in retreat, and he will not be disturbed these few days. The man pulled out the water-breaking sword, through which Lei Wujie recognized him as Song Yanhui, the lord of Wushuang City.

At first Lei Wujie was not Song Yanhui’s opponent at all, until he realized the will to draw the sword and successfully pulled out the Tingyu Sword, but was still beaten by Song Yanhui and lay on the ground. However, Lei Wujie’s pulling out the Tingyu Sword this time is the reason Li Hanyi is most afraid of. Sikong Changfeng could feel Li Hanyi’s anger, and hurriedly notified Yin Luoxia to stop it, otherwise Song Yanhui would really die in Xueyue City .

Yin Luoxia and Song Yanhui had a relationship in the Canglan River, but Song Yanhui was unable to respond to this relationship because of the heavy responsibility. Luo Mingxuan heard his master’s cry, rushed into the room and chased Song Yanhui away, only to realize that this person was actually the Lord of Wushuang City. Li Hanyi took the initiative to come to see Yin Luoxia, but he was also burdened by his feelings. One was that Zhao Yuzhen was obsessed with cultivation, and he had never met him until now; relation.

Sitting alone by the river, Wushuang knew the result when he saw his master Song Yanhui returning in a disappointment. Song Yanhui was fully aware of the gap between herself and Li Hanyi, and decided not to go to Xueyue City again. Wushuang heard that Lei Wujie could become a sword fairy within three years, and he was naturally dissatisfied. He could control ten flying swords in a short period of time, and vowed to become a sword fairy within a year. Song Yanhui was very pleased.

Now that Lei Wujie has successfully pulled out the Tingyu Sword, he always feels that he has forgotten some memories, and fragmentary images occasionally appear in his mind. Tang Lian and Xiao Se brought two pieces of news to Lei Wujie. First, Lei Yunhe and Zhao Yuzhen fought all night, and finally they were tied. Zhao Yuzhen personally admitted that Lei Yunhe did not lose.

On the other hand, the second news was that the Hundred Flowers Fair in Xueyue City was coming, Xiao Se and Tang Lian informed Lei Wujie that he could attend and meet his goddess Ye Ruoyi. Tang Lian revealed that Ye Ruoyi is the daughter of Ye Xiaoying, the current general of Zhenguo, but she suddenly suffered from a strange illness a few years ago, and even Sikong Changfeng and the celestial masters of Qin Tianjian were helpless.

When Lei Wujie thought of Ye Ruoyi, he instantly became nympho, and repeatedly promised to go to the Hundred Flowers Club. Tang Lian reminded Lei Wujie not to tell Li Hanyi, for fear that her coming to the Hundred Flowers Club would cause another disturbance. The three of them thought of Wuxin while they were talking, but they didn’t know that Wuxin was already preparing to go into seclusion at this moment, and he would leave the seclusion when he entered the Immortal Ascension Profound Realm.

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