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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 12 Recap

Two months later, Cheng Xiao packed up the cockpit as usual after landing, sorted out the flight data and then left. Xie Zetian affirmed her progress. Song Song followed Gu Nanting to complete the flight, Gu Nanting asked him to complete today’s data sorting and then go home, his girlfriend Yueyue kept calling Song Song, Song Song wanted to celebrate Yueyue’s birthday, Gu Nanting firmly disagreed and insisted on letting him Organize the case data before leaving.

Gu Nanting held a regular meeting and asked Song Song to cooperate with him in explaining the cases encountered during the flight. Cheng Xiao saw that Song Song was unhappy, and asked that Yueyue broke up because Song Song missed the appointment.

Cheng Xiao reminded Song Song that he could not fly today, and then went to He asked Gu Nanting Xingshi to inquire about the crime. When Gu Nanting learned the whole story, he blamed himself. Cheng Xiao accused him of asking Song Song to risk his life with him, and took the opportunity to propose that Song Songfei could not be let today. Gu Nanting agreed to change someone.

After many visits and investigations, Xu Ce confirmed that Gu Nanting’s actions were correct, and wanted to reinstate him as an official. Jiang Tao questioned them in public, using the excuse that Gu Nanting was too young to be a deputy minister, and that Gu Nanting’s management of his subordinates was too strict, causing the pilots to have too much attention. Many complaints, Xu Ce heard that Cheng Xiao has made great progress recently, and asked Jiang Tao to focus on training her.

Gu Nanting gave Song Song the J-20 fighter model that he treasured, and Song Song couldn’t put it down. Cheng Xiao learned that Song Song was kicked out of the house by his girlfriend and now lives in a guest house. Cheng Xiao asked Song Song to move to her house, but Song Song declined politely, not wanting to delay her dating. Ai Jiate approved Li Yuheng to go to the second cabin department, Li Yuheng naturally wanted it, when she learned that Xia Zhi was not on the list, she decided to keep it from her.

When Cheng Xiao came to the coffee shop, Xie Zetian personally made a dark blue and blue and white cocktail, which Cheng Xiao named “Walking to the Wind”. Li Yuheng helped the neighbors post rental housing information, Song Song thought it was suitable and decided to rent it.

Gu Nanting came to find Xie Zetian, Cheng Xiao hurriedly found an excuse to leave first, Xie Zetian gave the previous flight case to Gu Nanting, Gu Nanting was going to drive home, Cheng Xiao couldn’t get a taxi, and asked Gu Nanting to take her to the flower, bird, fish and insect market. Along the way, Cheng Xiao tried his best to find topics to chat with Gu Nanting, but Gu Nanting deliberately kept a distance from her.

Xia Zhi had a rest today, she called Li Yuheng, Li Yuheng was about to take off, so he made excuses to cover up, Xia Zhi heard Ai Jia’s voice on the phone, she didn’t think much about it. Xia Zhi put on a black mask and went out to throw out the trash, and bumped into Song Song. Song Song was so frightened that he exclaimed loudly, only then did Xia Zhi know that Song Song had rented the house next door.

After Cheng Xiao landed and went to eat, seeing Gu Nanting eating alone, he took the initiative to go over to him, and even gave him the chili sauce, which is his magic weapon for dinner, Cheng Xiao took out the flight notes for Gu Nanting to have a look at, and Gu Nanting told her Full of praise.

Two weeks later, Cheng Xiao flew for 200 hours. Gu Nanting issued letters of appointment to these co-pilots. Cheng Xiao became the captain as she wished. She was very excited. He put it on, and Gu Nanting carefully put the flight emblem on her, and Cheng Xiao couldn’t help laughing because of it.

Li Yuheng successfully passed the test of the second cabin department. She didn’t want to make Xia Zhi sad, and she never dared to tell Xia Zhi the news. Xia Zhi saw that she had something on her mind, so Li Yuheng had to tell the truth. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Cheng Xiaosheng’s first flight after becoming a co-pilot was to Kuala Lumpur. She was on the same crew as Gu Nanting. She was so excited that she couldn’t sleep, so she sent a message to Gu Nanting. Gu Nanting reminded her to take a good rest and prepare for the flight tomorrow. Xia Zhi deliberately changed shifts to accompany Cheng Xiao, and Li Yuheng also changed shifts to follow Gu Nanting.

Xia Zhi revealed to Cheng Xiao that Li Yuheng and Gu Nanting had no relationship, and Cheng Xiao believed that Li Yuheng would take Gu Nanting down soon. Before takeoff, Cheng Xiao came to take a selfie before the plane, and Gu Nanting took a picture for her as a souvenir.

Ms. Wang was afraid of flying, but her son Zhouzhou insisted on going out to play by plane, so she had to accompany him. After the plane took off, Ms. Wang was sweating because of nervousness. The plane began to fly smoothly. Ms. Wang suspected that the plane was not flying. Li Yuheng hurriedly explained to her that the plane was turbulent. Ms. Wang was panicked and panicked.

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