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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 10 Recap

Gu Nanting went to the police station to look for Cheng Xiao, only to find out that she left after completing the transcript. Cheng Xiao was relaxing at the beach alone, and it rained heavily with lightning and thunder in the sky. Cheng Xiao hurriedly found a place to shelter from the rain. She sent a message to Xia Zhi for help. Xia Zhi had just passed the security check and was about to fly overnight.

Li Yuheng finished the flight and was about to go home. A colleague suddenly received news that her mother was ill, but she didn’t bring an umbrella, so Li Yuheng lent her the umbrella. When Li Yuheng was waiting for the car, Gu Nanting happened to pass by and drove her home. Gu Nanting asked Li Yuheng about Cheng Xiao’s residence, and Li Yuheng agreed to find time to help. Curious why Gu Nanting inquired about Cheng Xiao’s address, Gu Nanting made an excuse to ask for additional information.

Cheng Xiao came to a cafe in despair, which was opened by a friend of Xie Zetian, and Xie Zetian was helping in it, and Cheng Xiaoku sat on the side feeling sad, Xie Zetian hurriedly sent a message to inform Gu Nanting. Gu Nanting sent Li Yuheng downstairs, Li Yuheng invited him to sit up for a while, Gu Nanting was anxious to find Cheng Xiao, said goodbye to her and left in a hurry. When Gu Nanting came to the cafe and saw Cheng Xiao sitting there in a daze from the window, he felt very uncomfortable.

The cafe was closed, the boss and the back chef said hello not to chase Cheng Xiao, Cheng Xiao fell asleep on the table, Gu Nanting silently stayed by her side, put his coat on her, and then left quietly. Cheng Xiao woke up early in the morning, only to find out that the boss told the back kitchen staff to accompany her in turn, and learned that Gu Nanting had come last night, Cheng Xiao took Gu Nanting’s coat back to the company, Qiao Zhengyu bought breakfast to go to work, and he shared it with Cheng Xiao.

Gu Nanting called the cafe and learned that Cheng Xiao had already gone to the company. He carefully prepared sandwiches and sent them to Cheng Xiao. He heard that Cheng Xiaozheng and Qiao Zhengyu were having breakfast outside the door, and left silently. Ni Zhan was on a business trip by plane early in the morning and ran into Cheng Xiao head-on. Ni Zhan chatted with her for a while and encouraged Cheng Xiao with his own experience. It has nothing to do with Gu Nanting. Only then did Cheng Xiao realize that he had misunderstood Gu Nanting, and he was full of self-blame.

Cheng Xiao washed the outer cover and sent it to Gu Nanting, and took the initiative to admit his mistake to him. Cheng Xiao vowed that he would never give up his dream and would not be defeated by this small setback. Gu Nanting was very pleased. Gu Nanting flew to Beijing early in the morning, and Xu Ce happened to be on this flight. Gu Nanting arrived at the boarding gate early, saw Cheng Xiao and Qiao Zhengyu from a distance, and came to say hello. Cheng Xiao used the radio to inform Hu Guoping and Zhang Jingya to board the plane as soon as possible.

The plane was about to take off, and Hu Guoping hurried over. He couldn’t find his wife Zhang Jingya. Cheng Xiao just wanted to broadcast to find someone, only to find out that Zhang Jingya suffered from mental illness and didn’t know who he was at all. Gu Nanting asked Hu Guoping to come to Zhang Jingya For the photo, I split up with Cheng Xiao to find someone.

Gu Nanting found Zhang Jingya in the video game city. Zhang Jingya mistook a young man for her son. She hugged the young man tightly, and the grapes in her hand were scattered all over the ground. Gu Nanting hurriedly pulled Zhang Jingya away, and then called Cheng Xiao Hu Guoping and Hu Guoping, the two of them came afterward, and Hu Guoping managed to calm Zhang Jingya by talking. When she was 18 years old, she went to work in Shenzhen and passed away unexpectedly.

Zhang Jingya couldn’t bear the shock and couldn’t afford to get sick. The couple went to Shenzhen this time to celebrate Manman’s birthday, and bought Manman’s favorite grapes specially. After listening to Hu Guoping’s story, Xiao felt very sad. Gu Nanting helped Hu Guoping and Zhang Jingya buy air tickets to Shenzhen, and asked the courier to deliver grapes and shirts to them. Hu Guoping gave Gu Nanting the box of grapes he brought.

Ni Zhan and Xu Ce boarded the plane from Gate 72 where Cheng Xiao was. Ni Zhan casually talked about Cheng Xiao, and Xu Ce felt sorry for Cheng Xiao. Gu Nanting gave the box of grapes to Cheng Xiao, specifically stating that Hu Guoping expressed his gratitude to her. Jiang Tao also went on a business trip to Beijing. He came late and sneered at Cheng Xiao, but Cheng Xiao did not show weakness and retorted at him.

Xu Ce and Jiang Tao sat together and casually asked about Cheng Xiao. Jiang Tao promised to let Cheng Xiao return to the flight department in two days. Gu Nanting heard their conversation and guessed that it was Ni Zhan who complained to Xu Ce. Cheng Xiao remembered that Hu Guoping and Zhang Jingya had traveled thousands of miles for their son, so she called her parents to invite them to dinner.

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