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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 7 Recap

Martial arts in the past dynasties liked to be named by titles. The Fengxue Sword Shen Jingzhou they met before and the Sky-Splitting Knife Wang Rensun were at most first-class masters. They can be called immortal characters, and they are almost legendary figures. There are not a few famous people on the list of various weapons, but there are three sword immortals and five sword immortals, but this gun is the only one. Lord.

When Lu Yudi saw Sikong Changfeng, his arrogance instantly disappeared. Even if he was scolded and ridiculed by him in public, he dared not speak out. Wushuang City has not fallen behind, and the rare talent and beauty in the city is none other than this young man in front of him. Sikong Changfeng admired Wushuang’s virtue and cultivation, and did not kill Wuxin, so he personally demonstrated to him how to control Wushuang’s sword box, control twelve flying swords, and summon the Great Ming Suzaku. Lei Wujie was dumbfounded.

When everyone in Wushuang City left, Sikong Qianluo jumped into his father’s arms excitedly, and confessed his mistake obediently, Sikong Changfeng couldn’t bear to continue to blame. Tang Lian suggested that Sikong Qianluo return to Xueyue City with the three lords, but Sikong Qianluo wanted to stay with Tang Lian. Sikong Changfeng, who was still a strict father just now, immediately became a daughter slave, which was completely unexpected.

After finishing the housework, Sikong Changfeng looked down at Wuxin, and said aloud to send Ye Anshi back to the clan. As soon as the words came out, everyone present was stunned, before they could react, Sikong Changfeng repeated it, as if he was keeping the agreement, but also a hidden threat. With this order, the white-haired fairy came slowly, and Wuxin had no other choice.

Seeing that Wuxin was about to be taken away, Xiao Se and Lei Wujie hurriedly stopped him. Twelve years ago, the Devil’s Cult and the Central Plains made a covenant to lock the mountains and rivers. Now that the twelve-year period has expired, he has no intention of regaining his freedom. The world is so vast that he does not need to be restrained by anyone at all. Xiao Se hoped that Wuxin would follow his original intention, and if he didn’t want to leave, he had a way to let him stay in the Central Plains.

Baifaxian took the lead in kneeling on the ground, and bluntly said that the Central Plains religion was divided, only Tianwaitian, no one left, and waited for the young suzerain to return to the sect for twelve years. In the end, he had no intention of saying goodbye to everyone, and before leaving, he briefly explained a few words, jumped up, and left behind the impassioned poem, Xiao Se and Lei Wujie were secretly sad, looking forward to seeing him again.

In Tianqi Palace, Mingde Emperor Xiao Ruojin called the national teacher Qi Tianchen to play chess with him. When he mentioned that Proton Wuxin had returned to the Demon Cult, Qi Tianchen thought that this should be the best ending. Of all the dharmas in the world, only the balance of yin and yang cannot be broken. Yin and yang exist in the circle of heaven and earth, and between black and white, longitude and latitude. Why bother to be obsessed with good and evil?

It was dusk, the sun was setting, Xiao Se and Lei Wujie ran for thousands of miles, even the best horses were exhausted. Ever since they sent Wuxin away in Yu Shiguo, they embarked on the long journey to Xueyue City again. The two road idiots took a map that was no different from the heavenly book, went around for several days, and finally arrived at the city commonly known as Fancheng. Snow Moon City.

The city is extremely lively, with heroes from all walks of life gathered, including Li Fansong, Wang Chengshan’s junior uncle, who was so fascinated by the jokes that he almost forgot to break into the pavilion. Lei Wujie rested at a nearby inn, and learned from the store that Fancheng is not the real Xueyue City, and that only the sky can see the true face, which made him a little itchy, and he planned to go to the Tiantian Pavilion alone.

Li Fansong has learned the true biography of his master and knows the art of hopefulness. When he saw Lei Wujie flashing past in front of him, he suddenly realized that there will be a lot of talents this year. Afterwards, Lei Wujie passed the pass and went all the way to the thirteenth floor, and the onlookers were amazed. Luo Mingxuan, the master of the thirteenth-floor pavilion, is a disciple of the elder Yin Luoxia, so he has received the true instruction from his master that he is addicted to gambling, and a dice can change as he wants.

Lei Wujie sensed that something was wrong, and hurriedly asked Xiao Se for help, knowing the secret in the dice. According to the method taught by Xiao Se, Lei Wujie easily defeated Luo Mingxuan, and split the dice into two, with higher points than the opponent, successfully clearing the level. Luo Mingxuan found Lei Wujie interesting and was willing to be friends with him, and by the way, he talked about his old woman master. But when the words fell, Yin Luoxia’s scolding came, and Lei Wujie was so frightened that he went straight to the fourteenth floor.

Xiao Se heard the conversation between Li Fansong and Fei Xuan, and found out that they came from the secret organization Spider Web in Xueyue City, so he took the initiative to invite them into the shop for tea. Sikong Qianluo heard that someone had climbed to the fourteenth floor, and came to find out out of curiosity, Xiao Se prevented her from becoming a stumbling block for Lei Wujie to break through the level, and fought with him by relying on lightness kung fu.

The owner of the 14th floor pavilion is the big brother Tang Lian. He doubts that Lei Wujie belongs to the disciple of Leimen. If he wants to join Xueyue City and hand over the famous assassin, then why bother. Lei Wujie confessed that he made an agreement with others before, and only by breaking through the pass and ascending the Tiange can he see each other again. Because of Lei Wujie’s use of the burning technique, Tang Lian’s saber thread formation was broken in an instant, and the so-called saber thread actually broke when pulled.

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