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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 5 Recap

The frosty air is criss-crossing, turning into a dragon and entwining Wuxin, making it difficult for him to break free. Wang Rensun slashed at Jinxian with a knife, but it’s a pity that today is different, Jinxian has achieved great cultivation, and he is completely ignored. Jinxian noticed that there was someone behind him, but when he saw Xiao Se appearing, he left two lines of poem pretending to be profound, and reminded Wuxin that he could not escape his fate.

After Jinxian left in a sedan chair, Wuxin stepped in front of Wang Rensun and revisited the past twelve years ago. Since Ye Ding’s death, Wang Rensun has been condemned in his heart, and he is willing to pay for it with his life, and presents the saber. Wuxin slightly touched the handle of the knife and did not pull it out. She vaguely remembered the teachings of her master, and understood that all causes and conditions are gone, so she no longer pursued Wang Rensun’s betrayal, but asked him to perform a ritual ceremony for Wangyou on her behalf.

Wang Rensun is not a monk, and the specific matters need to be handed over to Venerable Falan, but he promised to preside over it personally and arrange for 300 monks to chant sutras. With the promise of Venerable Falan, Wuxin warned the king Sun Mo not to repeat the same mistakes before leaving. Three days later, the ceremony will be over, and the grievances will be wiped out. After these words were finished, Wuxin suddenly urged Xiao Se and Lei Wujie to bring money to follow him, and Xiao Se cursed helplessly.

That night, the three of them rested in the ruined temple outside the mountain, and Wuxin personally cooked food for Xiao Se and Lei Wujie. Suddenly, they remembered Master Wangyou and told about his life story. Wangyou once said that there are two kinds of impressions in the world that people are not attracted by demons, one is born with a delicate heart, which is not disturbed by the world;

It was also Wuxin who saw these two qualities in Xiao Se and Lei Wujie, and instantly had the idea of ​​inheriting the exercises. Lei Wujie looked at him with a slight smile, and his words were full of mastery, and he immediately became interested. Wuxin instructed Lei Wujie to play a set of boxing techniques, the name is relatively unreliable, but fortunately, the moves are hidden and clever. Immediately afterwards, Wuxin came to Xiao Se’s side again, her eyes became more and more alluring, and she bluntly said that she wanted to teach him the inner demon.

On the top of Cangshan Mountain, the gazebo is the boundary, Li Hanyi stands alone on the eaves of the pavilion, and Baili Dongjun sits in the pavilion, laying out a pair of black and white chess pieces, and then begins to read and gossip about recent major events in the world. The Young Sect Master of the Devil’s Sect is concerned with the safety of the Central Plains, not to mention having mastered all the martial arts in the Rakshasa Hall, no matter whether it is the Tianqi Dynasty Hall or various sects, it is inevitable to be a little jealous.

Li Hanyi felt that he should come forward to quell these troubles for Tang Lian, but Baili Dongjun conveyed the chief seat’s order verbatim. In fact, the meaning of the first seat is very simple. Xueyue City was not afraid of the Demon Cult’s Eastern Expedition twelve years ago, and even less afraid of Xueyue City when the young master returned to the mountain after twelve years. Young people should have more opportunities to exercise, like them old For a lifetime, as long as you wait and see behind the scenes, you really can’t give advice.

Tang Lian brought Sikong Qianluo and others to Jiulongmen, reported the situation to Zen Master Dajue truthfully, and discussed countermeasures. In Baili Dongjun’s letter to Tang Lian, there were only four characters “Move from the heart”, a simple sentence made Tang Lian feel a little worried. Tang Lian was born in the Tang Sect since she was a child, and the rules of the sect were strict. All she had to do was complete the assigned tasks. She really couldn’t figure out the so-called “follow one’s heart, follow one’s inclinations, and follow one’s fate”.

If Xueyue City hadn’t issued a killing order, it meant that unintentional crimes would not result in death, and Tang Lian also discovered that he was not a villain. Tian Nurui comforted Tang Lian not to worry too much, and then said that she would return to Sangu City tomorrow, so she kissed him, turned and left shyly.

Three days later, the sky was twilight, and everyone gathered in Dafanyin Temple. The chanting resounded through the hall, and Wuxin looked solemn, holding the relics in his hands and placing them on the Buddhist altar, clasping his palms and closing his eyes. Along with the chanting of scriptures, the relic suddenly emitted a golden light, as if the figure of Master Wangyou appeared in the illusion.

Seeing this, Wuxin knelt down on the ground, tears pouring out, and Wangyou persuaded him to return to his hometown and stay away from right and wrong. However, at this moment, Wuxin is like a stubborn child, who always feels that her home is in Hanshan Temple, and if she leaves the temple, she does not know where she will go home. Wangyou sighed helplessly, and told him to move forward, not to look back, even if those people outside think that he is the spark that will subvert the world, as long as he keeps his mind free from distracting thoughts, there is no need to be afraid of it.

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