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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 4 Recap

It is difficult to tell the direction in the wilderness, only an inn is rarely populated. Xiao Se saw the mark left by Master Bai Xiaosheng on the table, and knew that he had come to Beili. A few years ago, Xiao Se interceded for Langya King Xiao Ruofeng, but was expelled from Tianqi by Emperor Xiao Ruojin.

Over the years, Xiao Se has tracked down the person who murdered him and seriously injured his master, but his master Ji Ruofeng knew the identity of the murderer, but he refused to tell the truth, and persuaded him to let it go. That night, Xiao Se and Ji Rufeng met, and the master and apprentice disagreed. Ji Rufeng handed over the Promise Stick to Xiao Se, hoping that he could cheer up and become Xiao Chuhe, the former King of Yongan.

Xiao Se confessed to his master that he was lost here, and accidentally learned that they strayed into Muliang City, which is a well-known city in Jianghu. However, the reason why Muliangcheng is as famous as Bei Tianqi, Nan Xueyue, and Dong Wushuang is all because Luo Qingyang, the strongest of the five great sword celestial beings, is known by the world to hold a sword and sing nine songs, and sit alone in Muliangcheng to practice kendo in seclusion. One person, one sword, across the world.

In the past, when Lei Wujie talked about these martial arts masters, Xiao Se would respond indifferently, but when Luo Qingyang’s name was mentioned, his expression became complicated and dignified. Wuxin noticed Xiao Se’s strangeness, and stopped Lei Wujie from continuing. Lei Wujie wanted to go to Muliang City to see it, but Xiao Se strongly opposed it, so he could only go alone.

A carriage went through the dense forest and went straight to the Nine Dragon Gate. The person leading the horse was Wuchan monk, and Sikong Qianluo was sitting next to him. Tiannvrui flirted with Tang Lian in the carriage, all kinds of charming and seductive, she leaned over and threw him down. When the distance between the two was getting closer, Sikong Qianluo suddenly made a noise to disrupt the atmosphere, and Tang Lian immediately got up and felt ashamed.

Ever since Xiao Chuhe was demoted to common people, the crown prince’s position has been undecided. The red king Xiao Yu and the white king Xiao Chong each developed their power in the rivers and lakes. Behind Xiao Chong is the sword fairy Yan Zhantian, and Xiao Yu is the lonely sword fairy Luo Qingyang. Xiao Yu made an appointment to meet Nanjue Crown Prince Ao Yu, and Ao Yu sent his confidant bodyguard Fu Hengxing to come, but unexpectedly met Lei Wujie.

Inadvertently heard the sound of gunpowder coming from outside, and judged his position and deduced that he was in danger. Xiao Se turned a deaf ear to it, obviously he didn’t intend to save him, Wu Xin decided that Xiao Se was afraid of Luo Qingyang. Ever since I was a child, I have never heard of a martial arts prodigy who entered the realm of breakthrough freedom at the age of thirteen and the realm of freedom at the age of seventeen, and he is the apprentice of Bai Xiaosheng, the sixth prince of Beili, Xiao Chuhe.

But when the words fell, Xiao Se retorted, pointing out the relationship between Wuxin and Ye Dingzhi, and also revealed that Ye Dingzhi was not good at knowing people, and made friends with Wang Rensun, and finally fell to the end of being betrayed. Sure enough, as soon as these words came out, Wuxin punched Xiao Se in a rage, and after calming down, he decided to rescue Lei Wujie.

Because of this, Xiao Se followed the sound to find Lei Wujie and recognized Fu Hengxing. Since Xiao Se was useless in martial arts, he was no match for Fu Hengxing, so at the critical moment, Wuxin appeared to repel them. After this incident, the relationship between Wuxin and Xiao Se went further, and Xiao Se also discovered that Wuxin seemed pure and kind, but he was born in Buddhism, but in fact he was quite dark-bellied.

Jin Xiante, the supervisor of Zhangxiang, reported to the emperor that the white-haired fairy had appeared in the Central Plains, and then traced Wuxin’s whereabouts, and led all his disciples to Yu Shiguo. The disciples were curious about how the master judged that Wuxin would come here, and Jin Xiansi and Wang Rensun were fully confident in their hearts. On the other hand, Wuxin looked around after entering the city, and his eyes were fixed on a man who looked like a monk and had no ring scars. He was holding up the wine jar and drinking like mud. .

In the Great Fanyin Temple, three monks stood in front of the hall. The leader, Venerable Falan, was silent the whole time. No matter what questions Jinxian asked, he shook his head in response. The two monks beside Venerable Falan, one was twisting a Buddhist bead in his hand, and the other was wielding a saber, both of them glared angrily, and they were always on standby.

Before he could make a move, Wang Rensun descended from the sky, grabbed Jiedao and prepared to kill. All the disciples were completely defeated, and Jinxian came out of the sedan chair, apparently quite familiar with Wang Rensun. Xiao Se and others waited and hid not far away, the sound of discussion caught Jinxian’s attention, Wuxin showed up helplessly, declined Jinxian’s intention to come and fight with him.

Jinxian’s real name is Shen Jingzhou. When he was young, he suffered a family rebellion and witnessed his father’s tragic death. Because he was good at using the Fengxue Sword to challenge the world, he became one of the five eunuchs of the Beili Palace and wielded great power. Unintentionally, he used his great soul-searching hand to deal with Jinxian, and a white shadow flashed in front of him. Jinxian was bewitched by the inner demon, and appeared as if his father was dead, so he hurriedly closed his eyes to avoid being caught.

In an instant, Wu Xin clasped his hands together, and the illusion of a huge bronze bell appeared all over his body. Jinxian stopped holding his sword, and asked him if he would go back to the palace with him. After Jinxian got a negative answer, his vision gradually recovered, all kinds of illusions disappeared, and a ray of frost hit Wushuang directly.

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