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Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 1 Recap

Unchained Love 浮图缘 Episode 1 Recap

In the old customs of feudalism, the emperor is in the sky, and death is like life. All the concubines, concubines and maids of the emperor had to be buried with him. The euphemistic name is “Chaotian”, and these innocent buried women are called “Chaotian Nu”. The so-called: Longyu Shangbin first entered the nobility, but the poor female household is all over the sky.

In the eleventh year of Longhua, Emperor Yuanzhen died, and the Daye Dynasty came suddenly. The prince Rongwang is still young, and the court, the harem, and other forces all want to compete for the Rongwang and control the government. Among them, the most feared one is the Zhaoding Division headed by the eunuch Xiao Duo.

Xiao Duo came to the hall aggressively, but unexpectedly, he was splashed with water by a short-sighted slave. The little slave was so frightened that he quickly knelt on the ground, making a gesture to wipe off the water stains for Xiao Duo. Xiao Duo seemed to ignore him, but just stepped on his hand. He seemed to think of something again, then turned around and glanced at the little slave. The two subordinates at the back understood Xiao Duo’s eyes, and took the little slave away calmly.

Cao Chun’an, the accompanying eunuch of the Zhaoding Division, told Xiao Duo that the emperor lost his temper before the hour and did not leave a decree of grace. And this matter soon spread to the cabinet, and the old ministers of the cabinet gathered outside the Shangqiong Palace, saying that they wanted to see Xiao Duo. Xiao Duo sneered, not intending to pay attention to them.

On the other side, Cairen Buyinlou rushed back to the room in a panic, and asked the maid Tongyun to take the money to bribe the person in charge. Tong Yun is also considered witty, and has already sent the news back to Bufu. The two were about to leave, but they didn’t expect the palace servants who came to lead them to come so soon. Within a short while, the yard was full of Chaotian girls who were about to be buried. Seeing that their lives were in danger, everyone cried badly. Only Buyinlou was leaning on the railing, looking hopeless and helpless, without a single tear in his eyes.

The Chaotian women put on black and white shrouds, squatted on the ground regardless of their appearance, and waited for the next step. Zhang Jieyu bribed Yan Sunlang, who was in charge, to leave. Seeing this, other people gathered around one after another and bribed Yan Sunlang with their money. The beauty Li Pingru came from a humble background, so she had no choice but to ask Buyinlou, who was born in Taifu’s mansion, to save her. Bu Yinlou is also very helpless, if his father really cares about him, he doesn’t have to wait until this time.

Zhou Chengde, a cabinet scholar, has always disliked eunuchs asking about politics, let alone Xiao Duo. He reprimanded Xiao Duo loudly, saying that Zhao Dingsi did whatever he wanted, and asked Xiao Duo to hand over the power to approve reds. Xiao Duo couldn’t help but sneered, and walked forward applauding. Afterwards, Xiao Duo exposed Zhou Chengde’s meddling in Chunwei in front of everyone, and slammed the teacup on his face.

As soon as Empress Rong An gained power, she immediately executed the concubine she didn’t like. Seeing Xiao Duo approaching, she took out the comb and asked him to comb her hair. Now that Empress Rong An holds great power, she doesn’t care about other people’s faces, she can hold Xiao Duo’s hand whenever she wants. It’s just that Xiao Duo seemed to be a little resistant, and hurriedly left with an excuse. Back in Zhaoding Division, Xiao Duo hurriedly washed his hands and told Cao Chunang to investigate the Queen and King Nanyuan quickly.

In the eyes of outsiders, Fu Wang Murong Gaogong is just a fool who can only make lanterns, so when someone brings lantern paper to Fu Wang’s mansion, the guards have no doubts. But the sharp-eyed guards saw the young servant’s thin skin and tender flesh, and couldn’t help being suspicious.

Murong Gaogong had no choice but to pretend to be weak, knelt down and laughed at himself that he was not a prince. The guard had no choice but to let him go. The car entered the mansion, Xiao Duo got out from under the car. Murong Gaogong still looked weak and helpless, and asked Xiao Duo to help him save a person, and this person was Bu Yinlou.

In the palace, Bu Yinlou and Li Pingru stabbed their throats vigorously with chopsticks, pretending to be poisoned and sick. Yan Sunlang thought they were suffering from dysentery, so he ordered someone to quietly send them to the Imperial Mausoleum. But on the back foot, Mrs. Bu came. Mrs. Bu told Bu Yinlou that the court is in turmoil right now, and the Taifu Mansion must not show any clues at this time.

She pretended to be distressed, and persuaded Buyinlou to take care of the overall situation and go with the emperor with peace of mind. Before leaving, Mrs. Bu did not forget to explain to Yan Sunlang that Buyinlou was always healthy, so she should be buried according to the rules.

After Mrs. Bu came, Bu Yinlou felt that he had to accept his fate, and could only tell Tong Yun what happened before him. Before he finished speaking, Yan Sunlang came to lead the people to the pagoda. Once entering the Buddha Pagoda, it is as difficult as ascending to the sky if one wants to get out. Bu Yinlou turned his head to look outside, but he could only watch the door close tightly.

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