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The Blood of Youth 少年歌行 Episode 2 Recap

Businessmen left with their attendants one after another, and only a few people remained in Beauty Village, including Wushuang City and Demon Cult. Tang Lian found out that the white-haired man she met earlier had superb martial arts skills and unexpectedly superb swordsmanship. Even Lu Yudi of Wushuang City was amazed by him, knowing that he was definitely not his opponent.

Xiao Se next to him suddenly spoke, inviting him to move forward to participate in this life-and-death situation. The white-haired man was willing to accompany him, and fetched the dice Gu from the air, like a magic trick, the three dice instantly turned into powder, not to mention distinguishing the size, even a point could not be found. But Xiao Se wasn’t surprised at all, he watched the dust disperse, and three dots of the dice appeared on the table, and the due points were arranged.

The white-haired man couldn’t help being stunned by this result, but Xiao Se saw through his identity. Following the news of “Heaven and Heaven, White-haired Immortal”, everyone present was shocked, and it turned out that the white-haired man was Mo Qixuan, the protector of the Demon Cult. Martial arts in the world are divided into nine grades, and there are four realms above the ninth grade, namely the King Kong Mortal Realm, the Free Land Realm, the Happy Wonderland, and the rumored Mysterious Mirror. The white-haired fairy Mo Qixuan has already entered the Mysterious Mirror, belonging The ultimate master in the martial arts.

After Tang Lian and Lu Yuzhai were both old friends, Baifa Xiannian was naturally merciful when fighting. It can be seen that a young man appeared with Wushuang swordsman in his arms, and he did not show weakness. He was Wushuang, the young master of Wushuang City. Here, the white-haired fairy suppressed the power of Wushuang’s sword box, and flew away. Wushuang pursued him closely, and Lu Yuzhai hurriedly sent someone to find the young master.

A group of men in black approached the carriage but Tang Lian stopped them. Lei Wujie helped him and found a lotus flower rising behind the men in black. The lotus exploded in the air instantly, and all the men in black disappeared without a trace. Lei Wujie looked up and saw the full moon hanging high, feeling suspicious, Tang Lian realized that something was wrong, they fell into the formation of solitude, this formation was like being in a dream, neither the truth nor the truth could be trusted.

Even though Lei Wujie is very talented and able to repel the evil spirits around him, it’s a pity that he is immature and handsome for only three seconds. Accompanied by the sound of the flute, Tang Lian could only listen to the sound to identify the position, killing people with blind eyes, and had no time to think about the way to break the formation. Fortunately, Sikong Qianluo attacked the flute player in time, and when the confusion sound disappeared, the formation was naturally broken.

At present, Wushuang City and the Demon Sect came to seize the golden coffin, and Ming Hou also wanted to find the answer through the golden coffin, Xiao Se revealed the origin of Ming Hou in one word. Thirteen years ago, the Wangyi Building was destroyed. The eldest son of the owner, Xie Liuyi, was lucky enough to survive. After waking up, he completely lost his memory.

Ming Hou took advantage of Yue Ji’s fight with Tang Lian, making him unable to escape, and lifted the lid of the golden coffin in one go. Everyone looked at the golden coffin in unison. First, a pale hand stretched out from the coffin, and then a man who looked like a monk but had no ring scar stood up and stood up.

Ming Hou knew the identity of the monk and respected him quite a lot. He could see the past with just a glance at each other, and the answer came spontaneously. But it was at this glance that the usually expressionless Hou Ming almost distorted his face, and his whole body fell into a state of extreme fear and anger. Yueji draws her sword to stab the monk, but Minghou stops her. After the horrified expression on his face gradually fades, she takes Yueji away from the beauty village.

Tang Lian and Lei Wujie, who were always on guard, suddenly met the monk’s eyes, and the momentary meeting of eyes made them feel strange. At the critical moment, the monk Wuchan from the Nine Dragons Gate rushed to the monk, tapped the acupuncture points in twos and threes, and the monk slowly closed his eyes and collapsed in his arms.

After that, everyone hurried to Xueyue City together. After talking with monk Wuchan, we found out that the monk’s name is Wuxin, and he is a lay disciple of Master Wangyou. Wu Xin was born a genius in martial arts, and he was able to reach the state of freedom at a young age. Later, he even learned the thirty-two forbidden techniques of the Raksha Hall, and he was able to use his heart demon to lure the world’s demons.

Originally, Master Dajue wanted to use the supernatural power of subduing demons to eliminate the forbidden art on Wuxin’s body. If this is achieved, Wuxin will also become a cripple. After Wuxin received the news, she immediately used the turtle’s breath technique to lie down in the golden coffin without any resistance. Tang Lian guessed that the Demon Cult was interested in Wuxin to obtain the forbidden technique.

While speaking, Baifaxian came after him again, and easily repelled the siege of the crowd, even if Lei Wujie used the Killing Sword, it was in vain. Baifaxian looked at Wuxin who was lying on the wooden couch, and couldn’t help feeling that his looks were too similar, and the others were puzzled. Tang Lian endured her injuries to prevent Baifaxian from taking Wuxin away, when she suddenly heard Wuxin’s voice transmission to him.

Wuxin still closed her eyes and did not move, but her palm was already on Tang Lian’s back, secretly transmitting her true energy to him. Tang Lian obeyed Wuxin’s instructions, and used all her strength to make a move called Ten Thousand Trees Flying Flowers. All the hidden weapons on her body rushed towards Baifaxian, which caught him off guard. In the end, Baifaxian couldn’t stand it anymore and fell off the cliff. On the other hand, Wuxin opened his eyes and got up slowly.

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