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Song of the Moon 月歌行 Episode 18 Recap

Luo Ge insisted on taking A Fujun back to Xianju and imprisoning him. The demon king in white could only watch his younger brother leave, leaving a firm thought in his heart, that is to strive to strengthen himself, whether it is for the living space of the clansmen, Or protect someone you care about. Hana used the Posuo tree to enhance the perception ability of the water hyacinth lotus jade pendant. When he watched Liu Zhi return to the fairy house, he silently vowed to lead the tribe to see the sun again and marry her as his demon queen.

Xianweng blames Baifeng for failing to keep an eye on Liushao, and makes her and Luoge go to Yaoque together. Baifeng pretended to be wronged and told her difficulties, so Xianweng gave her a token so that she could come and go freely in Xiyin Mountain. Luo Ge locked Mr. A Fu in the Lingchi Water Pavilion, and because of the injury caused by the magic cloth enchantment, no one noticed.

Luo Ning stayed in the room all day copying scriptures and was boring, so he asked his brother to go out but was rejected. Luo Ge gave Luo Ning the Tears of a Half-Demon, telling her that only by learning talisman can she truly break the barrier around her. The immortals heard that Mr. A Fu had been brought back to Xianju, recalling the grievances of thousands of years ago, and suggested sending troops to Yaoque to pacify the Shui tribe immediately.

Zhuo Qiuxian and Xian Weng each expressed their opinions, while Luo Ge was assertive and dismissed their arbitrariness in killing people. Then Zhuo Qiuxuan went to ask why Shang Yurong didn’t come to Litian Temple. Fortunately, Luo Ge was still a little humane today, and supported her in not agreeing to attack the Jishui tribe. Shang Yurong hastily showed her kindness to Zhuo Qiuxian in various ways, and brought her beauty pills for her. Zhuo Qiuxian seemed to complain that Shang Yurong was not doing business, but in fact he was moved and happy.

Although the demon king in white emphasized that Luo Ge no longer existed, the person who lived in the Chonghua Palace was just a heartless but powerful Luo Ge Shangxian. But Liu Shao still refused to give up, holding on to the last sliver of hope to find the answer. Sure enough, when she was in danger, Luo Ge showed up to protect her without hesitation. Because of this, Liu Shao proves that Luo Ge is Lu Li and has never left her.

When Bai Feng learned that her master Lu Sheng was dead, she was grieved and vowed to find the murderer to avenge him. In order to make herself stronger, Bai Feng found Lu Sheng’s treasure to conceal her demonic aura, and absorbed the ruthless Yao Yuan to succeed her as the new king of the demon world.

For many days, Luo Ge tried to calm the distracting thoughts in his mind through the Xuanling Wood, but unfortunately the effect was minimal, and even aggravated the injury. Long live found that Xuan Lingmu began to wither gradually due to the weakened sense of immortal power. Liu Shao decided to use his own spiritual power to irrigate Xuan Lingmu in order to save Luo Ge. It was precisely because Luo Ge was extremely weak that A Fujun easily broke the restriction that restricted Luo Ning, and was curious about the other party’s identity.

Due to Liu Zhi’s excessive use of divine power and falling into a coma, Luo Ge put her on the bed, and was about to leave when Liu Shao pulled her by the hem of her clothes, and simply stayed by her side for a whole day and night until Liu Zhi regained consciousness. Luo Ge obviously cared about Liu Shao and made the elixir himself, but he still duplicity.

Liu Shao made a joke, exposing his little thoughts, Luo Ge Shangxian, who has always been calm, rarely showed nervousness. The fairy waiter reported to Luo Ge that a group of demons were making trouble in the world, and hoped that he could personally go down to the world to calm the demons. After hearing this, Liu Shao proposed to follow Luo Ge, but Luo Ge hesitated for a moment and agreed.

The Marquis of Wuyang suffered a lot from it, many disciples died in this catastrophe, even Wang Jian and Xiaoxue were surrounded by monsters. At the critical moment, Luo Ge descended from the sky with a willow stalk, and frightened the demons with a moon-holding sword. Wang Jian looked at Luo Ge, who looked like Lu Li, and couldn’t help the red eyes. Luo Ge forced the monster to reveal the identity of the new king, but they knew that Bai Feng’s methods were cruel, so they dared not tell the truth. Just as Luo Ge was about to take action to teach these evil monsters, Hana took the lead as a demon king to warn Luo Ge to adjust his position.

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