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Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 1 Recap

Flight to You 向风而行 Episode 1 Recap

Cheng Xiao longed to be a pilot since he was a child, and when he grew up, he became a pilot of Luzhou Airlines as he wished. Cheng Xiao is the co-pilot of the freight department. She followed Lao Cai, the head of the cargo department, to Switzerland for a flight mission of ten days. When returning, Cheng Xiao personally drove the plane, and Lao Cai escorted her.

He had to squint his eyes and take a nap in the back row, but Cheng Xiao couldn’t get enough of it. He took the walkie-talkie and broadcast to the animals in the warehouse. Lao Cai couldn’t help but be amused by Cheng Xiao. But he couldn’t bear to dampen her enthusiasm, Lao Cai hesitated to speak.

Gu Nanting is the deputy director of the flight department of Luzhou Airlines. He is responsible and meticulous in his work. He was awarded the highest safety award of the airline company within less than a year of taking office. Gu Nanting flew the Broadcasting 787 for 12 hours and was about to arrive at Luzhou Airport. The co-pilot was Lin Yicheng and his deputy Changjiang Tao to assist him. Lin Yicheng was Jiang Tao’s brother-in-law, and Jiang Tao was going to represent the flight next week. He wanted to land as soon as possible and go back to take a good rest.

Luzhou Airport experienced heavy rainfall due to the typhoon, and the plane was temporarily unable to land. Cheng Xiao and Gu Nanting respectively drove the plane to go around in the sky, waiting for the rain cloud to move away. The rain cloud drifted away quickly, and the tower informed that the airport would be closed ten minutes later. Gu Nanting landed safely and smoothly.

Seeing Cheng Xiao flying the plane before the airport closed, he couldn’t help but sweat for Cheng Xiao. After the plane landed, Cheng Xiao immediately went to the warehouse to take photos with the animals, and then went to change clothes.

Today is Cheng Xiao’s birthday. Cheng Xiao changed his clothes and turned on his phone. He received birthday wishes from his good friend Xia Zhi. Her mother urged her to go home on the weekend for a blind date, but Cheng Xiao flatly refused. Gu Nanting came out of the bathroom, ran into Cheng Xiao head-on, and questioned whether she should have risked the crosswind to deviate from the runway and landed just now. Cheng Xiao argued hard with him, and finally broke up unhappy.

Cheng Xiao booked an online car-hailing car, but the driver was late, and the sky was violently windy, Cheng Xiao was shivering from the cold, Gu Nanting drove back to the company to work overtime, and offered to take Cheng Xiao for a while, Cheng Xiao politely declined, she was bitter After waiting for half an hour, the online car-hailing car hadn’t arrived, so Cheng Xiao had to go to the underground garage to find someone to take a ride. He happened to see Ni Zhan, the head of the maintenance team who came back from the United States, and Cheng Xiao asked Ni Zhan to take her to the city.

Along the way, Cheng Xiao chatted with Ni Zhan enthusiastically, only to find out that they belonged to the same airline, Cheng Xiao went to the Crow Bar to relax as usual, and she wished herself to become the captain soon. Cheng Xiao suddenly remembered Gu Nanting’s question, and immediately called Lao Cai to ask if there was any problem with the crosswind landing just now.

After getting Lao Cai’s affirmation, she went back to drink in peace. Cheng Xiao came home very late, and the two little birds in the cage greeted her warmly, and Cheng Xiao was completely exhausted. Gu Nanting returned home after working overtime, dragged his exhausted body to trim the green plants all over the house, and then fell asleep peacefully.

Gu Nanting went to work early in the morning and ran into the crew flying to Chongqing. He found that the captain’s hair was not up to standard, so he was grounded for a week on the spot. The stewardess Qi Yu admired Gu Nanting for a long time and looked forward to flying with him again. Cheng Xiao spent all her savings to buy a house. She wanted to decorate it to her favorite style. The designer thought the cost was too high, but Cheng Xiao didn’t think so. She was about to be promoted to captain, and her salary would naturally increase.

The internal strategic adjustment of Luzhou Airlines is to cancel the cargo flight department. The president Xu Ce notified the cargo flight department three months ago that he will no longer accept new orders. Lao Cai completed the last flight, but he couldn’t bear to tell Cheng Xiao and the others the news. Jiang Tao was worried. Cheng Xiao and the others couldn’t accept this blow. Lao Cai firmly believed that they could get through this hurdle. Xu Ce asked Lao Cai to be the deputy director of the Passenger Transport Department. Lao Cai had already submitted an application for retirement.

Cheng Xiao took all the information and happily applied for promotion to captain. Lao Cai told her the company’s decision and asked her to report to the passenger transportation department. Cheng Xiao was determined not to do it. Cai persuaded her with kind words, repeatedly emphasizing that the passenger transportation department has many advantages over the freight department, Cheng Xiao was relieved a little, and vowed to work hard in the passenger transportation department and never embarrass Lao Cai.

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