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Homesick 回来的女儿 Episode 7 Recap

Li Chengtian said frankly that Xiaoxiu told him about Liao Suifang and Wang Chongjiang’s scandal, and threatened him for money and said a lot of ugly things. Li Chengtian strangled Xiaoxiu to death in anger. Li Chengtian assured Chen Youxi that he would surrender himself, but he couldn’t let go of Li Wenwen, because Chen Youxi’s appearance made him feel the happiness of having a daughter.

Li Chengtian told Chen Youxi that Xiaoxiu was not like this at the beginning, she was led to ruin by Wang Chongjiang. Li Chengtian said that even if he surrendered himself, Wang Chongjiang would get retribution. Before that, he would get some money from Wang Chongjiang and leave it to Li Wenwen. He hoped that his daughter would have money to live on when she came back.

Li Chengtian sent Chen Youxi to Cheng Wei’s house to live temporarily. Chen Youxi told Cheng Wei that she thought Li Chengtian was lying, and her purpose might be to protect Liao Suifang. In order to verify the guess, she planned to agree to Li Chengtian’s plan first, and took the opportunity to bring Li Wenzhuo to question. . Li Wenzhuo stole Wang Chongjiang’s acupuncture needles to play with. Wang Chongjiang asked him angrily when he found out, but in the end he saw that his silly son was scared and had no choice but to coax him.

Chen Youxi and Cheng Wei helped Xiaoxiu build a tomb, and Chen Youxi vowed to avenge her. There was lightning and thunder that night, and Chen Youxi lived alone in a room and was very scared. When he saw someone open the door, he found Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei was worried about Chen Youxi so he came to accompany her. Chen Youxi asked Cheng Wei to accompany her in the house. She told about the past when she was a child in the orphanage.

At that time, the director was afraid that the orphans would wander around, and would give them scary stories at night. Chen Youxi later felt that the stories about monsters and ghosts were more scary, but now she realized that the scary ones were not in the stories.

Chen Youxi was very puzzled that Liao Suifang took out a report to admit that she was her biological daughter in order to deal with her. Cheng Wei also confessed that he had exchanged Chen Youxi’s blood sample with Li Wenzhuo’s blood sample, so in the end there would be a DNA report showing that Chen Youxi and Li Wenzhuo Liao Suifang is a mother-daughter relationship.

The next day, Liao Suifang packed up her office stuff and prepared to leave with her son. On the other side, Li Chengtian brought Li Wenzhuo out and asked Cheng Wei and Chen Youxi to take him away. Then Cheng Wei pretended to be a robber and called Liao Suifang, asking them to prepare 300,000 in exchange for their son. Liao Suifang asked Wang Chongjiang for help, and Wang Chongjiang decisively decided to call the police. In panic, Li Chengtian hurriedly looked for an opportunity to inform Cheng Wei. Cheng Wei called Wang Chongjiang and threatened Li Wenzhuo’s life, so they had no choice but to temporarily give up calling the police.

In the hotel, Chen Youxi and Cheng Wei guided Li Wenzhuo to tell the secret of Xiaoxiu’s death, but Li Wenzhuo said it was the secret of Rubik’s Cube Building. Cheng Wei came to the mental hospital to ask Mengmeng for help, and Mengmeng could indeed communicate with Li Wenzhuo on the same frequency. Under her guidance, Li Wenzhuo told what happened that night.

At that time, Xiaoxiu kept saying bad things about Liao Suifang, and Li Wenzhuo accidentally grabbed Xiaoxiu when she was upset. Chen Youxi believed that Li Wenzhuo killed Xiaoxiu, and she lost her mind and wanted to beat Li Wenzhuo, which made Li Wenzhuo very scared.

Liao Suifang wanted Wang Chongjiang to save his son with money, but Wang Chongjiang said that he had a business problem recently and couldn’t afford that much money, which made Liao Suifang suspect that Wang Chongjiang didn’t want to save his son. The Wang Chongjiang brothers found out that Li Chengtian had made a phone call in the morning, which made Wang Chongjiang speculate that Li Chengtian and the kidnappers were in the same group. But he didn’t plan to call the police, he wanted to finally see what Li Chengtian wanted to do.

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