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Homesick 回来的女儿 Episode 6 Recap

Liao Suifang sent Chen Youxi to the hospital. The doctor saw that Chen Youxi was desperately trying to run out of the hospital, and determined that she had mania. Liao Suifang kept telling the doctor to heal her daughter. On the other side, Li Chengtian saw the medical staff forcibly calming Chen Youxi, and he still felt a little distressed. Chen Youxi who was pushed out of the ward held Li Chengtian’s hand tightly, but in the end Li Chengtian took it away cruelly.

The manager of the fertilizer factory ran away due to unpaid wages. The employees all came to Li Chengtian to ask for wages, but Li Chengtian couldn’t afford the money, and almost got into a fight because of a disagreement with the employees. Fortunately, he was persuaded by his colleague Lao Cao in the end. Cheng Xu watched Xiaoxiu’s video again and found that Xiaoxiu’s nails were indeed green, but what puzzled him was why Li Wenwen knew the color of Xiaoxiu’s nails, having never seen Xiaoxiu.

Liao Suifang learned from Wang Chongjiang that there was a lawsuit against Master Zhang, and now she has left Tan Ling. Wang Chongjiang had something to go back to Guangzhou ahead of schedule, and he proposed to leave with Liao Suifang mother and son again, but Liao Suifang did not express his opinion directly.

Chen Youxi did not cooperate with the doctors and nurses in the hospital, and was sent to the electrotherapy room by them again, which made her tortured. Cheng Wei always wanted to visit Chen Youxi, but he couldn’t get into a mental hospital at all.

Police officer Peng and Cheng Xu came to Liao Suifang and asked about the doubts about watching the video tape, but Liao Suifang thought that her daughter might have heard about it from her family or watched it elsewhere. Cheng Xu asked again about Xiaoxiu’s disappearance, but Liao Suifang was impatient with their questions, and Cheng Xu asked a few questions before leaving with Officer Peng.

The mental hospital opens family visit time, Chen Youxi sees Cheng Wei in the crowd, she asks Mengmeng in the same ward to help contact Cheng Wei, Cheng Wei asks Mengmeng to bring Chen Youxi a laser pointer. In the next few days, the two contacted through a laser pointer, and Cheng Wei learned of Chen Youxi’s plan. She wanted to escape from the mental hospital through a milk truck.

Chen Youxi pretended to cooperate with the doctors and nurses’ treatment, and she succeeded in gaining the trust of the nurses and asked her to help carry the milk. On this day, she took this opportunity to escape from the mental hospital with the help of Cheng Wei, but unfortunately, she was finally arrested by the hospital halfway. They were forced to take them back.

Because of Liao Suifang’s indifference, Li Chengtian humbly apologized to Liao Suifang, but Liao Suifang was still angry because he threatened her by leaving Xiaoxiu’s nails, and told Li Chengtian clearly that he planned to leave tomorrow. In order to keep Liao Suifang, Li Chengtian confessed that he had no other excuses. But then he hurried out to the store to take away the bait he had deposited.

The store owner blackmailed him, and Li Chengtian took out two hundred yuan to get back the bait box, but this also made the store owner very curious about what was in the bait box. Seeing that the secret was about to be exposed, Li Chengtian knocked down the shop owner.

Li Chengtian’s colleague Lao Cao has found a next home, and this person is Wang Chongjiang. Li Chengtian found a place for them to have dinner, and in front of everyone, he said that his wife Liao Suifang was going to divorce him, and that he would go to Guangzhou with Li Chengtian. The two men confronted each other face to face, but neither would back down.

Cheng Wei yelled in the mental hospital in the middle of the night. He encouraged Chen Youxi to be brave and strong. He also said that in Xiaoxiu’s heart, Chen Youxi was her best friend and closest relative. Early the next morning, Li Chengtian suddenly came to the mental hospital to take Chen Youxi home, and told Chen Youxi face to face that Xiaoxiu was killed by him.

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