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Homesick 回来的女儿 Episode 4 Recap

Cheng Xu came to Liao Suifang and told her that Li Wenwen had taken Wang Chongjiang’s watch. Liao Suifang said that she already knew about it and had apologized to Wang Chongjiang.

Liao Suifang brought her son to participate in the activities organized by Wang Chongjiang’s company. During the event, “Master Zhang” was asked to give Li Wenzhuo meritorious deeds, hoping to help his stupidity. Later, Liao Suifang took her son home.

On the way home, she found that her son could recite a poem in full. Liao Suifang hurriedly took her son back to Wang Chongjiang’s company, hoping that “Master Zhang” could continue to help her son. But “Master Zhang” said that he was helpless, and Li Wenzhuo’s problem was attributed to karma. Liao Suifang was a little devastated, and begged “Master Zhang” to help her son. She only hoped that her son would have the ability to rely on himself in the future.

In the end, with the help of Wang Chongjiang, “Master Zhang” decided to use his gong to treat Li Wenzhuo’s illness. Although Wang Chongjiang told Liao Suifang not to worry about the cost, Liao Suifang knew that the huge cost of treatment was still a headache.

Li Chengtian brought Chen Youxi to the cake shop and learned that his daughter had never eaten cakes, so Li Chengtian bought cakes of various flavors in the store, which made Chen Youxi both moved and guilty, moved by Li Chengtian’s love for his daughter, Guilty for deceiving him. Liao Suifang went home and told her husband that she felt that the qigong master’s treatment was useful for her son, and planned to take her son to see a doctor every day in the future.

Li Chengtian didn’t want his wife to do this. He thought that this qigong master was playing tricks just like Wang Chongjiang, and worried that his wife would be cheated, but Liao Suifang thinks that Li Chengtian cares more about his daughter now, and it is not certain who will be cheated in the end.

In order to prevent his wife from being cheated, Li Chengtian used the expired money to buy insurance for Li Wenwen. Liao Suifang was very angry when he heard the news. Li Chengtian asked his children to go out, accusing his wife of not placing all her hopes on her son, but she should also consider her daughter, but Liao Suifang directly said that Chen Youxi was not their daughter at all. Li Chengtian angrily accused his wife, if she hadn’t left her daughter at home back then, her daughter would not have been abducted by bad guys.

Cheng Wei told Chen Youxi that the bag she let her keep was lost, and that Liao Suifang had only been to their house in the past two days. Chen Youxi only wanted to know Xiaoxiu’s whereabouts as soon as possible. She felt that Li Chengtian regarded herself as the real Li Wenwen, so she didn’t want to cause Li Chengtian and Liao Suifang to divorce because of herself.

Liao Suifang asked Wang Chongjiang to pick up their mother and son to see the master. Seeing this scene, Li Chengtian felt uncomfortable, so he approached his cousin Li Jun and expressed his willingness to lend him the company’s factory building as a video studio. Li Chengtian asked Li Jun to help get a car, and the two came to the mountain to take Liao Suifang’s mother and son home.

Cheng Wei found Wang Chongjiang at KTV, and solemnly apologized to him for what happened last time. Wang Chongjiang knew that the other party wanted something from him, so he directly mixed a large glass of wine for Cheng Wei to drink. where. Wang Chongjiang told Cheng Wei that Xiaoxiu was going to Guangzhou for a beauty pageant, and they couldn’t get such a high-minded woman. Cheng Wei told Chen Youxi what he had learned, but Chen Youxi didn’t believe it.

Liao Suifang received the DNA test report, but the final result surprised her. The relationship between her and Chen Youxi turned out to be her biological mother and daughter. Chen Youxi found Wang Chongjiang, directly revealed his identity, and questioned his relationship with Xiaoxiu. Liao Suifang came to tell Chen Youxi that he had given the watch to Xiaoxiu.

She knew that Xiaoxiu had told Chen Youxi about her relationship with Wang Chongjiang, and she didn’t want things to become serious, and she didn’t want to be talked about. But Chen Youxi didn’t believe the Xiaoxiu they were talking about, and she wanted to tell everyone about the relationship between the two when she was overwhelmed. Wang Chongjiang said that he had evidence to prove what he said, and then took Chen Youxi to watch a video tape.

In the video, Xiaoxiu recorded a personal introduction video for participating in the beauty pageant, and in the video, Xiaoxiu actually recorded a video of wearing underwear alone for the contest. Xiu didn’t trust herself at all.

Chen Youxi came home in the rain, but was spotted by Li Chengtian and Li Wenzhuo who were passing by. Li Chengtian comforted his daughter and took her home in a hurry. Chen Youxi told Liao Suifang in private that she would leave tomorrow, and Liao Suifang looked at her husband’s happy face and asked Chen Youxi to leave in a few days.

Cheng Wei learned about the videotape from Chen Youxi, he asked Wang Chongjiang for the videotape, and found the video hall to watch the content, but unexpectedly, the brother in the video hall snatched the videotape and played it in public, which made Cheng Wei very devastated. What is surprising is that at the end of the video, Liao Suifang and Wang Chongjiang appeared in the video.

Liao Suifang confessed in the video that she still likes Wang Chongjiang, and also thanked Li Chengtian for marrying her when she was pregnant with Li Wenzhuo, and helped her through the difficulties. Because everyone in the video knew that Liao Suifang had cheated on Wang Chongjiang, and Li Chengtian couldn’t bear the shock after learning about it and drank pesticide.

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