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Homesick 回来的女儿 Episode 1 Recap

Homesick 回来的女儿 Episode 1 Recap

In 1997, the director of Jieshan County Welfare Institute found that the office had been pried open after checking the bed. The orphan Chen Youxi escaped secretly to avoid being found out, but was caught up by the director. The director said that Chen Youxi did not have an ID card, no matter where she went, The police will eventually bring her back. But Chen Youxi still took the money in the wallet and said that he was going to find Xiaoxiu.

Chen Youxi is from the Jieshan Welfare Institute. She has a good friend named Xiaoxiu. After leaving the orphanage, Xiaoxiu went to Tanling County to work as a nanny for a family. They often corresponded with each other, but once Xiaoxiu wrote that she found this family A secret that has been lost since. Chen Youxi was worried about Xiaoxiu and planned to go to Tanling to find her.

Chen Wenzhuo was reported to be playing hooligans on Xiaoyan’s way to get off work. Police officer Peng came to the police station to inquire about the case, and finally found several witnesses to inquire, but they did not see it directly. Cheng Xu said that Chen Wenzhuo was the first suspect, but Officer Peng believed that the case could not be settled without evidence, and the case should continue to be investigated.

Chen Youxi came to Tanling at this time, intending to take a taxi to the affiliated hospital of the chemical fertilizer factory, but was robbed of the taxi by Cheng Wei, who was returning home from Guangzhou. Liao Suifang and her husband Li Chengtian took their son Li Wenzhuo for breakfast, but everyone around them was talking about Li Wenzhuo’s entry into the police station. Even the owner of the breakfast shop persuaded the couple to take their son home for breakfast because he didn’t want to be affected to business. Liao Suifang firmly believes that her son is not guilty, and there is no need to hide from others, and there is no need to not go to work.

Wang Chongjiang taught the children who bullied Li Wenzhuo a lesson, and asked Li Wenzhuo why he followed Xiaoyan, only to find out that Li Wenzhuo felt that Xiaoyan sang like Xiaoxiu, so he followed her silently. Zhang Xiaoyan’s father, Zhang Wenbin, asked Wang Chongjiang for help. In order to help Liao Suifang, Wang Chongjiang arranged for Zhang Wenbin and Li Chengtian’s family to meet.

Xiaoxiu is Cheng Wei’s girlfriend. After Cheng Wei came back, he found that his girlfriend was missing. He decided that the problem was with Xiaoxiu’s employer, Li’s family, and he even came to Li’s house to ask for an explanation at night. When Li Wenzhuo saw Cheng Wei pushing his mother down, he couldn’t help getting angry and fighting with Cheng Wei.

In the end, Cheng Xu and police officers came to pull the two apart. Chen Youxi took advantage of the chaotic time to break into Li’s house. While searching, she discovered that Li’s family had been looking for their daughter Li Wenwen who had been missing for many years.

Cheng Xu took Cheng Wei home, but Cheng Xu didn’t want to hear his family nagging, so he pulled his luggage and prepared to leave home. Chen Youxi came to Cheng Wei and said that he was also looking for Xiaoxiu. Cheng Wei said that the news he got was that Xiaoxiu paid her salary in advance and stole a gold necklace. Cheng Wei thinks that it must be Li Wenzhuo’s manipulation of Xiaoxiu to drive her away. Chen Youxi took out the last letter written by Xiaoxiu to herself, and both of them thought there was something wrong with the Li family.

The next day, Cheng Wei and Chen Youxi planned to lure Li Wenzhuo away. They wanted to ask him about Xiaoxiu’s whereabouts. But Chen Youxi was dragged away by a masked man on the way to find Li Wenzhuo, Chen Youxi was almost molested by the masked man, Li Wenzhuo accidentally found out and rescued him, and was misunderstood by Cheng Wei. When Chen Youxi woke up in the hospital, Officer Peng asked if the person who bullied her was Li Wenzhuo, but Chen Youxi denied it.

Chen Wenzhuo was taken home by the police. The neighbors hoped that Liao Suifang would keep her son at home, but Liao Suifang thought that although his son had mental problems, he was very kind. Liao Suifang was unwilling to send her son to a mental hospital, so she thought that her neighbors were making things difficult for her. In the end, it was Officer Peng and Cheng Xu who dispersed the neighbors.

Cheng Xu couldn’t ask for any personal information about Chen Youxi, so Officer Peng could only treat her as a missing person and planned to send her to a shelter. In order to avoid being sent away, and in order to be able to stay and continue to search for clues, Chen Youxi lied that she was Li Wenwen, the daughter of the Li family who had been lost in the early years.

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