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Song of the Moon (2022) 月歌行

Song of the Moon (2022)
Also Known As: Song of the Moon, Ben Yue , 奔月 , Yue Ge Xing , Moon Song Line , Moon Song Walk , 月歌行, Yue Ge Xing, Flying to the Moon
Genre: Xianxia, romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: iQiyi
Broadcast period: Dec 15, 2022 – Jan 10, 2023
Airing time: 20:00


  • Zhang Bin Bin as Lu Li / Luo Ge
  • Xu Lu as Liu Shao
  • Wang You Shuo as He Na
  • Zheng He Hui Zi as Luo Ning
  • Wang Yi Lun as A Fu Jun
  • Ma Yue as Bai Feng
  • Zhang Zi Jian as Wan Wu Xian Weng
  • Lv Xing as Lu Sheng
  • Zhang Ya Zhuo as Zhuo Qiuxian
  • Liu Bo Xiao as Duke Wu Yang
  • Miao Hao Jun as Father Liu
  • Wang Shuo as Tai Lao
  • Lin Hao Yang as Shang Yurong
  • Feng Man as Wan Sui
  • Li Xiao Pang as Wang Jian
  • Lin Chen Han as Xiao Xue
  • Shu Ya Xin as Xie Lingqi
  • Min Jian as Fang Zhan
  • Li Jia Hui as Du Mingchong


Liu Shao initially leads a carefree life of a wealthy heiress, but accidentally gets embroiled in a battle between the immortals and demons, thus unraveling the past and present romantic entanglement between her and Lu Li, a mysterious cloaked immortal.

The TV series “Moon Song Xing” is directed by Lin Jianlong, starring Zhang Binbin and Xu Lu, and starring Wang Youshuo, Zheng Hehuizi, Wang Yilun, Ma Yue and others. The play is adapted from Shu Ke’s novel “Flying to the Moon”. When the girl Liu Shao was young, she met a mysterious person and exchanged her future destiny with three days of fun.

Ten years later, the changed fate came as expected. The uncontrollable mysterious power in his body and the ensuing pursuit forced Liu Shao to avoid the Marquis of Wuyang’s mansion. Lu Li, a young man who started with Liu Shao, has a similar appearance to a mysterious person, and Liu Shao regards him as a support.

Lu Li thought Liu Shao was beautiful but impulsive, but he still helped her pass the test. They experienced all kinds of hardships and dangers in Wuyanghou Mansion, encountered jealousy and exclusion, but also gained friendship from the same family, and got acquainted with Hana, the noble and gentle but burdened with the curse of thousands of years.

Liu Shao’s tenacity and bravery gradually made Lu Li admire him. After sharing weal and woe several times, the two developed feelings for each other. At this time, Lu Li’s true identity was revealed. Like everyone else, he came for the mysterious power in Liu Shao. His approach to and protection of Liu Shao are all deliberate and have other purposes.

Lu Li resisted the pressure and proved his sincerity to Liu Shao. But when the two reconciled, a bigger crisis struck. In order to protect Liu Shao, Lu Li disappeared in front of her. When Liu Shao was in grief, another man appeared, not only possessing the most powerful power in the world, but also having the same appearance as Lu Li.

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