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Double Love 墨白 Episode 14 Recap

Lu Wanwan kept talking nonsense, for fear that a zombie would hurt Lu Wanwan, but after being sent to the hospital for an examination, he found out that he had hallucinations after eating poisonous mushrooms, Lu Wanwan woke up in a daze, and kept talking nonsense in a daze, and it was Lin Zhengying’s zombie for a while Ghost, it’s Han Jingmo again in a while. Han Jingmo held Lu Wanwan’s finger so that she could fall asleep peacefully, and after the injection, she asked for leave on Lu Wanwan’s behalf.

When Lu Wanwan was sent back to the hotel, he still sat in the car and pretended to be asleep to avoid embarrassment. Han Jingmo had already seen it, and deliberately proposed to carry Lu Wanwan back home. Lu Wanwan pretended to open his eyes and got out of the car, embarrassing The smile covered the whole face.

Seeing Lu Wanwan coming back, Lu Guanghan reprimanded her, complaining that she always made mistakes for not working hard, and went out to eat a poisonous mushroom. Now the female number one Yan Shengkai was personally recommended by Yiwei, and she looks good and has a good body. The main director is quite satisfied, remind Lu Wanwan must be positive and not dawdle.

Zhao Jingxing heard that Lu Wanwan was stupid after eating poisonous mushrooms, so in order to mock Lu Wanwan, he specially bought vegetables full of mushrooms, and personally wanted to feed them to Lu Wanwan. When the two were joking around, Yiwei happened to Come over, take a picture of the two of them, ask Han Jingmo about his background, and at the same time suggest that the two pursue each other, this Zhao Jingxing is hers, and Han Jingmo can pursue Lu Wanwan, Han Jingmo acquiesced.

Zhao Jingxing was curious about whether Han Jingmo liked Yan Shengkai, while Song Chi was curious about why Zhao Jingxing was still single at such an age. In order to hide his embarrassment, Zhao Jingxing asked what the box next to Lu Wanwan was. It was a gift from Lu Guanghan to Gu Qiaobei . Today is Gu Qiaobei’s finale day, many people have sent gifts, Lu Wanwan also took out his own gift to Gu Qiaobei, but because the gift is a global limited edition gift, Gu Qiaobei dare not accept it at all , and even thought that Lu Wanwan might like Gu Qiaobei. Lu Wanwan was so embarrassed that he didn’t know what to do when Zhao Jingxing pulled Lu Wanwan away.

After Lu Wanwan returned, he lost his temper with Lu Guanghan, blaming him for almost killing her, which made everyone misunderstand, but Lu Guanghan didn’t take it seriously. The next day was the interview with the main cast of Jamboree. Han Jingmo felt a little jealous when he saw Lu Wanwan and Zhao Jing walking closer. Yiwei comforted Han Jingmo to have her in everything.

That night, Yiwei pretended to drink too much and posted it on Zhao Jingxing’s body, warning Zhao Jingxing that if he didn’t send her back, he would tell about what happened that night, but Zhao Jingxing had no choice but to send her back. Lu Wanwan looked happy in his eyes Han Jingmo sent Lu Wanwan back with a smile.

Lu Wanwan was about to compete with Fleeting Flowers, so he deliberately came to the game world to practice, but met Mo Bai again, Mo Bai saw that Lu Wanwan was short of money in the game, and wanted to give it to Lu Wanwan, but Lu Wanwan was dissatisfied with this, and also reminded Mo Bai that everything in the game is fake and cannot be regarded as reality. If Mo Bai always behaves like this, she will issue an announcement announcing the termination of the relationship between the two. Mo Bai warns Lu Wanwan that if he publishes The consequences of the announcement were severe.

Lu Wanwan wanted to make Han Jingmo happy, so he bought a gift and wanted to give it to him, but Yan Shengkai saw it, and Yan Shengkai also took the same gift. Lu Wanwan plucked up his courage to give Han Jingmo a gift, but Yan Shengkai pushed a big cake with several layers to bless Han Jingmo, and the cameras of all the staff were aimed at everyone. Yan Shengkai took out his gift, and Lu Wanwan silently put away his gift when he saw that it was repeated, but just said a word of blessing in vain. The result made Han Jingmo even more unhappy, and warned Lu Wanwan not to agree easily if he couldn’t do it.

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