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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 40 End Recap

Qin Shi received internal news from Tianhang that Yin Zhiqiang had been transferred to the management supervision team as the team leader, and this department is equivalent to the company’s limbo. From this point of view, Tianhang will no longer protect Yin Zhiqiang. At the same time, Cheng Yuhui also handed over the case of Yin Zhiqiang to the assistant lawyer.

In the evening, Qin Shi celebrates with Li Dai, Yao Yao and others. Li Dai sincerely admires Qin Shi for being able to have a good time with his love rival. Gangzi reported the progress of the case to Yanghua, and Qin Shi directly grabbed Gangzi’s phone and asked Yanghua about his choice with Yao Yao, but Yanghua’s silence made Qin Shi even more angry. Yao Yao intends to take her son Sonny back to Australia, and she entrusts the case to Qin Shi and Li Dai. Yao Yao also planned to leave with Yang Hua, but Qin Shi firmly believed that Yang Hua would not leave with Yao Yao.

At this time, Yanghua came to pick Yao Yao up. It turned out that Yao Yao planned to give Qin Shi a strong dose of medicine, so that Qin Shi could take the initiative to go to Yanghua. Qin Shi watched Yanghua and Yao Yao leave together, pretending to be indifferent, but in the end she couldn’t deceive herself, but when she chased out, Yanghua and Yao Yao had already left. Qin Shi walked alone in the heavy rain lonely, and saw his eldest brother come to Qin Shi, and finally hugged his eldest brother and cried bitterly to vent his grievances.

Early the next morning, Qin Shi woke up from home and saw that her elder brother and second brother were both at home. It turned out that the two elder brothers sent her back last night. They were worried that she would not be able to take care of herself, so they stayed here to take care of her younger sister.

The eldest brother sees that there is a problem between Qin Shi and Yanghua, and persuades the younger sister not to be intimidated by the despair shown in other people’s lives. After all, it is not Qin Shi’s own life. She should believe that she can find her own happiness, and human happiness Ultimately, it depends on a sense of security deep within.

Qin’s mother came to see Qin Shi, and Qin Shi learned from her mother that Yang Hua had been taking care of him silently recently, and that Yang Hua had already told his parents the reasons for their marriage and divorce. To escape the happiness he deserves, that’s why he let Qin Shi go free. Yanghua thinks that marriage is not important to him, what is important is Qin Shi, and he is willing to take care of Qin Shi for the rest of his life. Knowing what Yanghua had done, Qin Shi hurried to the airport to recover Yanghua, but he passed by Yanghua who sent Yao Yao away.

Seven months later, Qin Shi and Li Dai were interviewed by reporters, saying that the case of Yin Zhiqiang’s alleged sexual harassment had been resolved, and that Yin Zhiqiang had been suspended from his post, and that he had been arrested by the procuratorate for charges of forced molestation and attempted rape in individual cases. Indict.

Tang Yihui invited Qin Shi back to Chengyu Law Firm, and also said that this time Qin Shi was directly promoted to senior partner, and he could ask for salary and benefits. Pang Dingfang and his lover both died in a car accident abroad, Mr. Lan had to go abroad to accept all of Pang Dingfang’s assets, and Mr. Lan appointed Qin Shi to be responsible for this matter. Now Cheng and Hui’s principle of employing people is that no matter who is single, whether they have children or not, they are treated equally.

Mr. Jin said that they invited Qin Shi to join the lawyer because Qin Shi himself is a good lawyer with principles and conscience. Qin Shi was happy because of Mr. Jin and his wife’s words, and felt that her previous efforts were worthwhile, but she still refused the invitation. Qin Shi still planned to do it alone, but also decided to start with Mr. Lan’s case and Chenghehui Law Firm Cooperation.

Tao Junhui became the person in charge of the Northwest Branch of Cheng and Hui. He and Qin Shi met in the law firm and blessed each other. Wu Fei re-recognized Tao Junhui as an assistant lawyer, and hoped that the two could have a new start. After a lot of trouble, Ren Meimei successfully gave birth to her daughter and started a new life with Qin Wenyu.

Qin Shi has thought a lot during this time, and now she thinks that one person may be very free, but two people can also be very free. Qin Shi went out to go home that day, and unexpectedly saw a new neighbor moved across from her house, and what surprised her even more was that this new neighbor turned out to be Yang Hua. The two reconciled, Qin Shi asked Yanghua whether he helped Yao Yao or himself, and Yanghua said that Qin Shi was the only one in his heart from the beginning to the end.

Yanghua also bought a stock on the basis of their wedding anniversary before, and plans to hold this stock for a long time. After going round and round, the two finally determined their minds, and never let go of each other’s hands ever since.

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