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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 38 Recap

Tao Junhui apologized for his drunken behavior that day. He respected Qin Shi’s choice, but his relationship and career should be separated. He hoped that Qin Shi would not refuse his help to her at work. Then Tao Junhui invited Qin Shi to eat at the Malatang restaurant next to the school, but Qin Shi refused on the grounds of work.

Yao Yao and Yang Hua met again, and they were very embarrassed when they talked about the past. Yao Yao confessed that his previous self was too inferior and insecure, and he didn’t know how to cherish the feelings he gained. After Li Dai sent Yao Yao away, she called Qin Shi to report the situation, saying that Yao Yao’s son looked exactly like Yanghua. Li Dai asked Qin Shi to be vigilant and watch Yanghua, otherwise he would miss Yanghua, but he would have to watch The family of three regretted it unceasingly.

Qin Wenyu disappeared, Ren Meimei contacted Yanghua and Qin Shi to help find someone, and learned that Qin Wenyu went to collect the bill, but the last family went alone. Qin Shi took Yanghua to the bar to look for Qin Wenyu, and finally found out from other people that Qin Wenyu was in the hotel next to the bar. Ren Meimei rushed to the hotel after hearing the news, and she saw the drunk Qin Wenyu sleeping with someone.

Qin Shi took Ren Meimei, who was emotionally broken, home and resettled him. After what happened tonight, Yanghua finally understood why Qin Shi was afraid of getting married, because from Qin Wenyu and Ren Meimei’s marriage, he saw that a problematic marriage was really true. Will kill a person. Facing each other again, neither of them said what was in their hearts, but digested their heartache and regret alone.

Qin Shi approached Yao Yao the next day and accused Yao Yao of misleading that Yanghua’s child was his. Qin Shi said that this case has a turning point, and she wants Yao Yao to withdraw the lawsuit, so she hopes to cooperate with Yao Yao. In the end, Qin Shi warned Yao Yao that she didn’t care whose son Sonny was, she didn’t want Yao Yao to attack Yanghua, otherwise he would not let her go. After Qin Shi left, Yang Hua came out from Yao Yao’s house, and he also heard what Qin Shi said. Yang Hua made Yao Yao completely trust Qin Shi because she is a good lawyer.

Qin Wenyu went home and found the divorce agreement left by Ren Meimei. He turned on his mobile phone and saw the pornographic photos of himself sent by the barman. He knew that Ren Meimei already knew what happened to him last night. When Qin Shi came to Qin Wenyu’s home, Qin Wenyu said that he was plotted against by Hu, and he didn’t know anything. Although Qin Shi expresses her trust in Qin Wenyu, she doesn’t know where Ren Meimei is now. Ren Meimei left a message to Qin Shi to go out for a walk.

She didn’t know what she got for her forgiveness again and again, and she didn’t know what she had been nostalgic for in this marriage. Perhaps the answer was simply that she loved Qin Wenyu. But now she has completely lost trust in Qin Wenyu, and she doesn’t want to go on like this anymore. Qin Shi said that she can’t help Qin Wenyu this time. She has said too many times that she is responsible for her own life. No matter what Meimei decides this time, she hopes that Qin Wenyu can live a personal life.

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