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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 37 Recap

Tao Junhui handed over the follow-up work of the Tianhang M&A case to other lawyers, and he was going to go on a business trip to do other work. Tang Yihui was suspicious of Tao Junhui’s attitude, but Mr. Jin understood Tao Junhui’s choice and planned to find another lawyer in the law firm to represent Tianhang’s labor dispute case.

Tang Yihui approached Qin Shi and asked Qin Shi to take charge of Tianhang’s labor disputes. Qin Shi was unwilling to represent the case, after all, in her opinion, taking this case was equivalent to becoming a running dog of the management. But Tang Yihui told Qin Shi that the accusation as a lawyer is to protect the rights and interests of the client, not to judge the morality of the client. Qin Shi finally agreed to take over the case, and Tang Yihui also promised that if Qin Shi successfully completed the case, she would be welcome back to the eleventh floor.

Cai Liang learned that Hu Ping asked Yanghua to be his chief financial advisor, and persuaded him to consider taking over the job from the perspective of the family, and he could help his brother by the way. But what surprised Cai Liang was that Yang Hua divorced Qin Shi. He was very puzzled by their choice.

After returning home, Qin Shi was very bored facing the empty room. She saw a note in Yanghua’s room with a string of numbers on it, but she didn’t know the specific meaning.

Li Dai brought Yao Yao to find Qin Shi, planning to negotiate before the court. Qin Shi told Tianhang that Yao Yao’s resignation was a breach of contract, and demanded two million in compensation, and Tianhang’s attitude was very firm. Yao Yao thought that Qin Shi had taken Tianhang’s benefits, and she didn’t know Yin Zhiqiang’s character at all, and doing so was simply helping the evildoers.

But Qin Shi also told Li Dai and them that Yin Zhiqiang said that if he was unwilling to make compensation, Yao Yao had to promise not to hold the same position in the hotel industry within ten years, and he would also pay 250,000 yuan in training fees.

Li Dai finds Yanghua to complain about Qin Shi’s actions, but Yanghua believes that the lawyer’s purpose is to maximize the interests of the attorney, and Qin Shi’s actions are not wrong. However, Li Dai believes that as a lawyer, besides seeking fairness, she must also maintain justice. She does not want to see Qin Shi become a lawyer with no moral bottom line, and Yang Hua is undoubtedly the person who can influence Qin Shi’s judgment.

Li Dai told Yanghua that although Qin Shi did not admit her feelings for Yanghua, her attitude could not deceive anyone. Yanghua finally decided to think about it before deciding whether to persuade Qin Shi.

Yao Yao came to the airport to pick up his son who had returned from abroad. Looking at his son’s innocent smiling face, Yao Yao also temporarily forgot his troubles. Tao Junhui learned that Qin Shi had taken over Tianhang’s labor disputes. He wanted to help Qin Shi dismiss the case as an assistant lawyer, but Tang Yihui refused in a few words.

Tao Junhui couldn’t contact Qin Shi, so he had to send a text message to ask Qin Shi to contact him as much as possible. Yanghua speculated that the case between Yao Yao and Tianhang Hotel might not be a labor dispute case by consulting the information, and asked Li Dai to start from this direction.

Li Dai approached Yao Yao to inquire about the personal enmity between her and Yin Zhiqiang, and Yao Yao admitted that Yin Zhiqiang had kindness to him when he knew him. Qin Shi also wanted to resolve the personal grievances between Yao Yao and Yin Zhiqiang first, so he called Yao Yao to inquire. Yao Yao confessed that Yin Zhiqiang had used his position to harass employees. This caused the relationship between the two to become increasingly tense.

Yanghua bumped into a child by accident, but the child accused him of beating someone, and the child’s mother was unwilling to let Yanghua go. Fortunately, Yao Yao’s son Sonny came forward to testify and asked several people to go to the monitoring room to check the video proof. When Yao Yao learned that his son had gone to the monitoring room, he thought something had happened to his son, so he hurried to look for his son, and accidentally ran into Yanghua.

Tang Yihui blamed Qin Shi for going to Tianhang to investigate, and also warned Qin Shi that the law firm only needs a good lawyer, not a good person. Ren Meimei was pregnant, and Qin Wenyu wept with joy when he learned that he was about to become a father.

Yanghua has studied the laws and regulations of many similar cases. If he follows the legal procedures, Yao Yao will definitely lose no matter what the result is. Now that the problem is Yin Zhiqiang, they can try to kick Yin Zhiqiang out. Li Dai also said that Yin Zhiqiang could be investigated from his private behavior, but Yao Yao said that even if they found the victimized female employee, they would not agree to testify.

Tao Junhui saw Qin Shi on the rooftop and asked Qin Shi if he had thought about leaving Cheng and Hui. He felt that this place was not suitable for Qin Shi. He wanted to take over the Tianhang labor dispute case again, so that Qin Shi would not have to be in a dilemma and lose his professional ethics for this.

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