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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 36 Recap

When Qin Shi said that Cheng and Hui needed Mr. Hu’s investment in particular, Yanghua tried to analyze the data and contacted Mr. Hu, and sent the information to Mr. Hu. Sure enough, Mr. Hu was very interested in him. Mr. Hu made an appointment to meet with Yanghua, because Qin Shi was involved in the previous divorce and he was sorry for causing her trouble.

Mr. Hu also said that he gave up the Smart IoT City project because of a sentence in Yanghua’s evaluation report. Afterwards, the two discussed with each other about investment, and Mr. Hu also hoped that Yanghua would consider his suggestion on his work.

The family department helped Wu Fei’s assistant lawyer to be promoted to an intermediate lawyer. She apologized to Qin Shi. , Every penny is a solid foundation, Qin Shi hopes that the other party can keep his bottom line in the future.

Because of Mr. Tang’s arrangement, Tao Junhui and several lawyers of the law firm entertained Tianhang’s Mr. Yin. Mr. Yin told Tao Junhui that because of the personnel file problem, Yao Yao planned to sue Tianhang Hotel, and Li Dai eventually became Yao Yao’s attorney. And it was Qin Shi who made this happen, because Qin Shi couldn’t get in touch with Yao Yao, so he asked Li Dai to help represent the case.

Li Dai contacted Qin Shi immediately after meeting Yao Yao, and told Qin Shi what she had learned, and finally told Qin Shi that Yao Yao had a five-year-old son who lived in Australia before and was now planning to return to China. Li Dai asked Qin Shi if he and Yanghua were really doing a fake show, and persuaded Qin Shi to take care of Yao Yao’s affairs. After all, she should not interfere with such matters as her ex-girlfriend, and she should even cut the grass and cut off the relationship.

Qin Shi accidentally ran into Tao Junhui who was drunk after get off work, and couldn’t bear Tao Junhui to be drunk by the elevator. Qin Shi drove to take him home, but because she couldn’t contact Wu Fei, she didn’t know where to send Tao Junhui. Qin Shi called Yanghua for help. Qin Shi originally wanted to send Tao Junhui to the hotel to stay overnight, but the drunk Tao Junhui took Qin Shi’s hand and said that he would never let go. He hoped that Qin Shi would give him a chance. marry yourself.

Tao Junhui hugged Qin Shi and said that he originally thought he could let go of this relationship and marry another woman and have children. Qin Shi has always been in his heart. Tao Junhui knew that Qin Shi and Yanghua were married in a fake manner, they could get a divorce, and he could start a law firm with Qin Shi as a partner. Qin Shi explained that he did not want a divorce, but he did not admit that he was in love with Yanghua when confronted by Tao Junhui.

Yanghua came just in time to see this scene, he took Qin Shi away, and before leaving, he asked Tao Junhui to wake up the next day before making a choice. Qin Shi explained everything to Yanghua after returning home, hoping that Yanghua would not mind Tao Junhui’s drunken words. Yanghua solemnly asked Qin Shi if he loved him, and if he had no marriage relationship, would he choose Tao Junhui? According to the marriage agreement signed by the two, he had to choose to divorce.

Qin Shi asked Yanghua why he made such a choice, but Yanghua said that he didn’t care about Tao Junhui’s drunken words. On the contrary, Tao Junhui made him realize that this marriage was Qin Shi’s burden, and he really wanted to be Qin Shi’s reliance, not As a shield, I don’t want to see Qin Shi live in lies.

Early the next morning, Yanghua and Qin Shi went through the divorce procedures, and said that he would move out as soon as possible. After the divorce, Qin Shi couldn’t help regretting it, and even more regretted why he didn’t admit that he had fallen in love with Yanghua. When Qin Shi meets Ren Meimei, she confesses that people like her are not born to love or maintain an intimate relationship, but if that’s what Yanghua wants, she doesn’t seem confident that she can do it.

However, Ren Meimei said that as long as Qin Shi loves Yanghua, it is enough. There is no right or wrong in love, only willing or not. Then Qin Shi also confessed to Ren Meimei about her fake marriage, and the reason why she agreed to divorce was because she didn’t want her future relationship to be based on this fake marriage.

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