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Double Love 墨白 Episode 5 Recap

Lu Wanwan wanted to take care of the scale, so he bought a lot of vegetables and went back. When he went back, he found that Gu Qiaobei had also come, and lived in the same building as Han Jingmo. Lu Wanwan felt elated when he saw Gu Qiaobei. I feel that I have seen Gu Qiaobei cooking on the show before, especially the sweet and sour short ribs are good. Lu Wanwan pestered Gu Qiaobei to let him cook the whole dish. Han Jingmo looked at it and wanted to spit Get angry, mocking Gu Qiaobei’s cooking is not delicious.

But Lu Wanwan is still busy in the kitchen with Gu Qiaobei like a nympho, and the tacit understanding of the two cooking together makes Han Jingmo a little jealous. Han Jingmo wants to play games but finds that his phone is out of battery, so he just uses Lu After finishing the mobile phone, he also found out that the game account Lu Wanwan logged in was Hoe He. Seeing Lu Wanwan busy in the kitchen, Han Jingmo showed a satisfied smile.

The food Gu Qiaobei made was really hard to swallow, and he even fooled Lu Guanghan who came to win Gu Qiaobei. Lu Guanghan hoped that Gu Qiaobei could come to work in his Yingge company, but was rejected by Gu Qiaobei. Wan Wan and Lu Guanghan pretended not to know each other. Han Jingmo swallowed a lot of unpalatable sweet and sour ribs in order to cheer him up, and was sent to the hospital, while Lu Wanwan accompanied him to the hospital to hang the bottle. I entered the game when I had nothing to do.

As soon as Lu Wanwan entered the game, he was challenged by a group of women. Han Jingmo appeared in the form of Mobai and protected Lu Wanwan in the game. Lu Wanwan did not expect that he would be protected by Han Jingmo. What was Wanwan doing? Lu Wanwan lied that he would accompany the boss to play the bottle, and someone teased Lu Wanwan, thinking that the domineering president fell in love with the little girl. Lu Wanwan couldn’t explain clearly, so he had to fly away.

Gu Qiaobei looked at Han Jingmo protecting the hoe, and thought he was in love with the hoe, and couldn’t help teasing, but Han Jingmo didn’t admit it. Gu Qiaobei thought about people instead, thinking that Han Jingmo might have thought of some other way to control the weeding.

Manager Lin Wei arranged for Lu Wanwan to follow Han Jingmo to the shooting mission. Lu Wanwan was asked to feed Han Jingmo sandwiches in the car, and Han Jingmo showed a satisfied smile after eating what Lu Wanwan handed over.

At the shooting scene, Lu Wanwan was busy checking all kinds of details, and he didn’t have time to eat. Han Jingmo looked distressed in his eyes. When he finished work at night, he saw Lu Wanwan fell asleep in front of him, so he thoughtfully moved the seat Putting it down, when we got to the garage, Lu Wanwan hadn’t woken up yet, and Han Jingmo didn’t bother anyone, but Lu Wanwan woke up and saw Han Jingmo standing below, so he jumped out of the car immediately in fright. Lu Wanwan wanted to rest, but Han Jingmo asked Lu Wanwan to make two bowls of noodles. Lu Wanwan was just happy, thinking that Han Jingmo was caring about her, but Han Jingmo beat her up in the next second, and finally failed to make it. The two still ate instant noodles together.

Han Jingmo saw that Lu Wanwan was working hard, so he deliberately left her to rest, but he didn’t want to show concern, so he could only use the aggressive method, and left Han Jingmo alone. Seeing Han Jingmo wearing his nightgown, Han Jingmo couldn’t bear it. live happy.

Early the next morning, Lu Wanwan just got up and saw Han Jingmo who was exercising in the living room was very handsome. At this time, Gu Qiaobei came to deliver something, worried that he would be misunderstood, so Lu Wanwan quickly hid. Gu Qiaobei saw the woman’s clothes on the sofa , I just wanted to watch it out of curiosity, the movie was driven away by Han Jingmo.

As soon as Gu Qiaobei left, he met Lu Guanghan in the community. Gu Qiaobei was worried that he would be pestered to sign the contract again, and he was already planning to move. Unexpectedly, Lu Guanghan just asked for his mobile phone number, and also expressed that he would respect Gu Qiaobei and would not disturb him. , and will not force the contract, everything respects Gu Qiaobei, Gu Qiaobei half-heartedly gave Lu Guanghan his mobile phone number.

Lu Guanghan never planned to give up digging Gu Qiaobei. He simply planned to approach him in another way. He asked Lu Wanwan to take a screen name and enter the game. Jian and Mo Bai knew each other, but Gu Qiaobei unexpectedly fell in love with him.

Lu Wanwan did not hide anything from Mo Bai, and told Mo Bai that the young lady is a boy. Suddenly Han Jingmo received a new drama about a slam dunk, and set off with Lu Wanwan.

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