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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 34 Recap

President Yin of Tianhang Hotel came to visit Yao Yao and applied for a special reward for Yao Yao. Moreover, He Dongna had withdrawn the lawsuit and was willing to clarify the frame-up against Yao Yao in front of the media and apologize in person. Yao Yao was unwilling to shake hands with a person who had betrayed him behind his back, so he rejected Mr. Yin’s kindness, and said that if the hotel really wanted to keep him, then Mr. Yin needed to take the blame and resign.

Because Yao Yao is very important to the Tianhang Hotel’s merger and acquisition case, Qin Shi plans to visit her in person. Qin Shi returned home and told Yanghua that he planned to meet Yao Yao, and took the opportunity to inquire about the past between Yanghua and Yao Yao. Yanghua explained that the two grew up in alleys and fell in love when they were in college, but they have not been in touch since they broke up. Qin Shi asked Yanghua and Yao Yao about their love history, but the more he asked, the more jealous and angry Qin Shi felt.

Qin Shi and Tao Junhui made an appointment to meet Yao Yao, but Yao Yao was unwilling to stand for Tianhang Hotel because of Mr. Yin’s affairs. Qin Shi took out the layoff list of Tianhang Hotel in the past six months, and the dismissed personnel were all around 40 years old. After these people were dismissed, it was difficult to find a job that matched their previous salary. These people are also the group of people with the heaviest family burden in today’s society. Yao Yao once stood on their side. Although he can’t change the company’s decision, Yao Yao may change the fate of these people.

Although Qin Shi inquired about Yao Yao’s character from Yanghua, and wanted to persuade Yao Yao to help the dismissed people in the hotel from the perspective of personal loyalty, but because Yao Yao was betrayed by the employees, although he understood the difficulties of the employees, he did not agree with this approach. . So she still believes that these employees should protect their own interests, instead of giving up protecting themselves and expecting the protection of others.

Qin Shi hopes that Yao Yao will cooperate with all the publicity of Tianhang within a month to create the best conditions for the merger and acquisition, so that Yao Yao can resign after a month, and they will also strive for more benefits for the dismissed employees.

Qin Shi brought Yanghua to Tang Yihui’s home for a dinner. During the meal, Tang Yihui announced good news to the partners of the law firm. One was that Mr. Hu had already planned to invest in the law firm, and the other was that Cheng and Hui had been selected as one of the top ten outstanding law firms in the country. The last piece of good news is that Qin Shi has become the youngest female partner in the history of Cheng & Hui. Qin Shi is very excited and thanks Yang Hua for his company and dedication that made her achieve what she is today.

Tao Junhui reunited with his college classmates and returned to the university after dinner. Looking at the familiar tables and chairs in the school, he remembered the past in the university. The classmate teased Tao Junhui for thinking of Qin Shi and asked why they broke up. Wu Fei came to the school just to hear what these people said, so she asked Tao Junhui if he still loves Qin Shi, and she also told Tao Junhui that Qin Shi and Yanghua had a fake marriage. But from Tao Junhui’s words, she learned that Tao Junhui already knew about Qin Shi’s fake marriage, and Wu Fei planned to tell Tang Yihui about it.

Qin Shi was planning to tell Tang Yihui about the fake marriage, but Tao Junhui called and asked Qin Shi not to admit it. Mr. Jin brought the partnership agreement and asked Qin Shi to sign it. Although Mr. Jin very much recognized Qin Shi’s ability to work, but from his wife Tang Yihui’s balance between work and children, he also hoped that Qin Shi’s choice of children and career If you can be cautious, it is best to bear the consequences of this choice. Qin Shi promised to balance the relationship between children and career, and Yanghua has chosen a family, and they will actively face any problems they encounter.

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