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First Love (2022) 初次爱你 Episode 2 Recap

Ren Chu was worried that Lu Wanwan would catch a cold after entering the water, and wanted her to bathe together and put on clean clothes, but Lu Wanwan misunderstood her. Fortunately, Lu Wanwan finally realized that she had misunderstood Ren Chu after seeing the women’s bathing room.

After taking a bath, Lu Wanwan left wearing Ren Chu’s clothes, but the two walked around the campus wearing exactly the same clothes, which made the students who saw them misunderstand the relationship between the two.

When Lu Wan was in class at night, Ren Chu suddenly parachuted into the classroom of the clinical department and wanted to attend the class. But Ren Chu’s frequent smiles at Lu Wanwan in class made her feel sad, and she couldn’t go to class with peace of mind.

After class, Lu Wanwan left the classroom in a hurry. When Lu Wanwan returned home, her mother arranged to deliver fruit to An Jiaxian. Lu’s mother thought that the two children had grown up as childhood sweethearts and had no objection to the two being together, but Lu Wanwan told her mother An Jiaxian already had a girlfriend, and the mother turned around and comforted her daughter that she was so good, that An Jiaxian was not good enough for Lu Wanwan.

There was a problem with Ren Chu’s social practice subjects, and the teaching assistant asked him to take another course. Lu Wanwan persuaded Ren Chu to go to the second class of the clinical department to attend the course. At this time, An Jia came to Lu Wanwan first, wanting to invite her to dinner, and apologized for leaving her behind. Now that he and Liang Xia have reconciled, he wanted to invite Lu Wanwan to dinner together. Hearing that it was a stranger’s dinner, Ren Chu offered to attend. In order to prevent Ren Chu from saying what he said when he was drunk, Lu Wanwan had no choice but to agree. Go to dinner.

The four of them had a dinner together, and An Jia first formally apologized to Lu Wanwan for concealing their love affair. Lu Wanwan accepted the apology and wished them both a good life, and told An Jia to treat Liang Xia well first. In order to show his friendliness as much as possible, Ren Chu always tried his best to face everyone with a smile, and also tried his best to make Lu Wanwan and the others easy to talk about.

Because Liang Xia concealed the love affair, Lu Wanwan was still a little embarrassed when facing her best friend alone. Liang Xia learned that Lu Wanwan was pursuing Ren Chu, and agreed with the two of them falling in love. Although Lu Wanwan felt aggrieved and uncomfortable, she did not express her dissatisfaction in public. On the way back to school after dinner, Lu Wanwan saw An Jiaxian taking good care of Liang Xia, and felt very sour in his heart. Ren Chu saw that Lu Wanwan was unhappy, and simply showed his boyfriend’s strength to directly resist Lu Wanwan.

The next day, Lu Wanwan went to the cafeteria to eat, and unexpectedly found that Ren Chu was sitting at the table next to her. In order to avoid misunderstanding, Lu Wanwan wrote a note saying that in order to thank Ren Chu for his help last night, she made a cake to thank him. Give yourself an address, and she’ll deliver the cake. But the note was accidentally seen by the juniors who shared the table and read it out in public, which made Lu Wanwan even more embarrassed.

Ren Chu asked Lu Wanwan to deliver the cake to KTV. It turned out that the classmates came here to encourage Ren Chu to protect the research. The senior invited Lu Wanwan to participate together, and then Ren Chu brought his cousin Wang Xinyu to come together. Lu Wanwan almost misunderstood that she was Ren Chu’s real girlfriend.

Because it was too noisy, Ren Chu left KTV early, but because the cake tasted like red wine and cherries, the alcohol content exceeded the standard, so Ren Chu asked Lu Wanwan to take him back home.

When Lu Wanwan and Ren Chu finally returned to school, it was already past the back-to-school time, and the door of the dormitory was closed. In the end, it was Ren Chu who called the dormitory auntie to let Lu Wanwan successfully return to the dormitory. Liang Xia asked Lu Wanwan to come out to play when she had time, and Lu Wanwan remembered what Ren Chu said, and told Liang Xia that she wished Liang Xia and An Jia to be true first, but she didn’t want to see them show their affection, and she would have to pay real love in the future. Friends, let’s just be ordinary friends in the future.

Because of returning home late, the school once again rumored that Lu Wanwan and Ren Chu were spending the night away, which made Lu Wanwan even more distressed by the rumored relationship.

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