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First Love (2022) 初次爱你 Episode 1 Recap

On the operating table, Lu Wanwan, a doctor, was struggling with how to treat patients. In a blink of an eye, she was called back to reality by the teacher. It turned out that this was just a quiz for medical students, but Lu Wanwan imagined the professional quiz as her real life. to perform surgery on the patient. But also because of her imagination, she wasted a lot of time, and finally had to blindly guess the answers to the remaining questions in the test paper.

Lu Wanwan, who finished the exam, remembered the birthday cake, and hurried out of the classroom to prepare the birthday cake. I ran into An Jiaxian on the way, and An Jiaxian told Lu Wanwan not to be late tonight because he had something important to announce. Lu Wanwan thought that she and An Jia had a crush on each other for five years from high school to university, and today they are finally going to confess to themselves. Lu Wanwan rushed to the baking room to take the cake for An Jiaxian, and was also preparing to attend the party in the evening.

On the other hand, in the swimming pool of Tsingyao University, Ren Chuchu was leading the members to do training. After the training, he was going to the school auditorium to give a speech to the freshmen of the Department of Mathematics, but because he was riding in a hurry, he almost bumped into the Lu Wanwan of the cake. Lu Wanwan blamed herself for walking in the way, apologized to Ren Chu, and even revealed her name, so that Ren Chu could find herself for something.

It turns out that Ren Chu is not only good at swimming, but also a master of the mathematics department. He is a well-deserved “student bully” in the school. The reason is that Ren Chu’s academic ability is too bad, and whenever a classmate asks a question, he will always be “scorned by the king” from Ren Chu. Over time, everyone will naturally shy away from Ren Chu. But Ren Chu didn’t know it, instead he felt that he had always been friendly.

Lu Wanwan returned to the dormitory and shared with her roommate Qiaoqiao what An Jiaxian was going to confess to herself at night. If not, take the initiative to kiss An Jiaxian. Qiaoqiao also persuaded Lu Wanwan not to bring Liang Xia with her in everything, after all, no matter how good a girlfriend is, she can’t share her boyfriend.

After Lu Wanwan was ready, she came to the appointment with a cake, but as soon as she came to the private room of the restaurant, An Jia first told her that he liked a girl for two years. In fact, he should have told his best friend Lu Wanwan long ago, but Liang Xia never Let yourself say, so the two have been dating without telling Lu Wanwan. It wasn’t until this time that Lu Wanwan learned that the person An Jiaxian liked was her best friend Liang Xia.

An Jiaxian was also opposed by Liang Xia because she wanted to tell Lu Wanwan about it, and the two even argued about breaking up. An Jiaxian called Liang Xia to express that she really liked her, and heard the person she liked bid farewell to her. This made Lu Wanwan very sad, seeing An Jia leave first to look for Liang Xia’s back, no matter how hard Lu Wanwan was to control her emotions, she burst into tears.

Qiaoqiao learned from An Jiaxian that Lu Wanwan was still in the restaurant, and came to find her. Lu Wanwan confides her grievances to Qiaoqiao, and Qiaoqiao gives her an idea, either take the initiative to chase An Jia back first, or find a better boyfriend to piss them off. At this time, Lu Wanwan, who was drunk, felt that what her roommate said was very reasonable. She remembered Ren Chu, the school bully at the beginning of school, who aggressively said that she wanted to catch up with Ren Chu, but she didn’t expect these words to be heard by her classmates at the same school. It was even more embarrassing. It was Ren Chu who was also there.

Early the next morning, Lu Wanwan was besieged by a group of girls, who asked her why she wanted to chase her senior, Ren Chu. It turned out that because of what happened last night, the whole school knew about Lu Wanwan’s pursuit of Ren Chu. In order to solve this problem, Lu Wanwan planned to find Ren Chu to clarify the scandal. Lu Wanwan came to the swimming pool and saw Ren Chu Lying motionless in the pool, Chu mistook him for drowning, but accidentally fell into the water while trying to save someone, and was finally rescued by Ren Chu.

Lu Wanwan told the school rumors about the affair between the two, and she clarified the matter with Xiang and Ren Chu. Ren Chu thinks that rumors only stop at wise men, Lu Wanwan said that what happened last night was a misunderstanding, and because of this misunderstanding has affected her life, and she doesn’t like Ren Chu either.

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