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Wild Bloom 风吹半夏 Episode 29 Recap

Banxia didn’t agree to take over Wu Jianshe’s factory, Wu Jianshe didn’t know how to reflect on it, and said that Xu Banxia teamed up with Zhao Lei to cheat himself. Ban Xia didn’t explain much to people like him, and quickly got in the car and left. Gao Xinyi was about to go back to Tong Xiaoqi’s residence from her mother, and took a pregnancy test in the bathroom. The two red bars indicated that she was pregnant.

Gao Xinyi was not ready to be a mother yet, and was about to leave in a hurry. Gao Yuejin saw that something was wrong, so he left her behind and asked what happened. Gao Xinyi told about her pregnancy, Gao Yuejin was very happy, but when she heard that Gao Xinyi didn’t want the child, her expression changed.

Although Gao Xinyi finally got the admission notice, the child is innocent, and the child is not hers alone, so Tong Xiaoqi must know about it. After being told by the lawyer, Banxia found out that the village head of Xiutan Village joined some villagers to sue herself, saying that she used means to pollute the seafield deliberately in order to rent the tidal flat at a low price.

Since it was a group lawsuit involving land disputes, the court attached great importance to it and ordered Banxia Steel Plant to stop work and construction. Wu Jianshe’s construction steel plant has entered the process of bankruptcy and liquidation. It would be best for him to drag Xu Banxia to death right now. Wu Jianshe also ignored Gao Yuejin’s reminder.

When Xu Banxia went to Xiutan Village, the village chief hid in the house and refused to see her, and the villagers talked a lot. Then Banxia received a call from Gao Yuejin and went back to the company to meet her. Gao Yuejin told Banxia that it was Wu Jianshe who encouraged the villagers to sue her behind the scenes, and now whether Banxia’s funds can survive the litigation period is a difficult problem.

She knew very well that Wu Jianshe just wanted to delay her time. The best way Banxia can think of now is to hand over the business to others, and then she will file the lawsuit herself. Banxia was under a lot of pressure, so she called Zhao Lei, but she didn’t say anything about her current predicament.

The next day, Ban Xia called everyone and ordered some things. Although the construction of the steel mill has stopped, other planned constructions include the wharf, some of which are invested by the province, and this part will not be closed, so Jia Changan can lead people to continue the work. The second thing is that Su Guoliang will suspend all the businesses in his hand, completely separate from the company, and establish an independent legal person company, which has nothing to do with the current company.

At the same time, procedures are going to go through in the next few days, and she wants to change the company’s legal person to Tong Xiaoqi. It has nothing to do with the company to go to court with her. If it goes well, the first phase of the function can continue. Tong Xiaoqi really can’t manage such a large steel factory, but this is the best way Ban Xia can think of to preserve the project.

I don’t know if I can overcome this difficulty, but Tong Xiaoqi suddenly stood up and said that he would bear it. After all, he was the one who polluted the tidal flat in the first place. Zhao Lei was worried about Pinellia, and rushed back to Binhai from Shanghai. After learning about her current predicament, he drove her into Jianshe Steel Plant for inspection, and persuaded her to accept Wu Jianshe’s proposal and take over his steel plant. Tong Xiaoqi decided to do things alone, and drove to Xiutan Village to confess to the village chief what happened back then. Gao Xinyi couldn’t stop him at all, so he had to blurt out that she was pregnant.

Zhao Lei took Pinellia to Wu Jianshe’s village – Chunxi Village. The roads and street lights in this village were repaired with Wu Jianshe’s money, so the villagers in this village were very protective of Wu Jianshe. He and Zhao Leiai ignored him, thinking that they were people who came to make trouble for Wu Jianshe, but later found out that Banxia did know Wu Jianshe, so he called Wu Jianshe, and then took them to see him, and saw Qiu Bi was being arrested on the way. Shut up in a cow pen.

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