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Double Love (2022) 墨白

Ink White” is an urban sweet love drama directed by Wang Yan, starring Zhang Xueying, Bi Wenjun, Guo Pinchao, Daisy in a special role, Lin Yanrou, Guo Xiaotian, Mao Fangyuan, Li Yuyang and others.

The play is adapted from Big Orange Cat’s novel “Great God, Your Wife Died Again”. It tells the story of Lu Wanwan, a rookie in the entertainment industry and a gamer, and Han Jingmo, a powerful actor and game master, who love and kill each other online and offline. A story of a double harvest in love and career.

Also known as: Great God, Your Wife Has Died Again / Ink White / 墨白

Director: Wang Yan

Screenwriter: Xu Ting / Wang Xu

Genre: Drama

Broadcast date: 2022

Starring: Zhang Xueying / Bi Wenjun / Guo Pinchao / Dyce / Lin Yanrou / Guo Xiaotian / Mao Fangyuan / Li Yuyang / Chunyu / Li Xinran / Shi Nan / Zhang Mianchen

Plot Summary:

In the game, Lu Wanwan mistakenly knocked the No. 1 God of the whole server, “Mobaizhijian”, into the air due to slippery operation in the game. The two became friends because of this, and started an interesting game journey. In reality, Lu Wanwan has been paying attention to Han Jingmo’s works, but he was splashed with water in public, and turned into enemies in a rage, starting a battle of wits and courage in daily life.

But Lu Wanwan did not expect that between Mobai and Mobai is Han Jingmo, no matter online or offline, he has always been persistently by her side, the two have moved from the game to reality, and while reaping love, they have also realized their pursuit of acting dreams.

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