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Double Love 墨白 Episode 2 Recap

Seeing this, the staff next to him hurriedly took Han Jingmo away to wipe it, and Lu Wanwan also went to the bathroom to clean up. Xiao Yanzi called to urge her to go to the interview, but he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t go, so he could only remember the hatred On Han Jingmo’s head. At this time, Han Jingmo has already packed up for you and started to accept interviews.

The news about Lu Wanwan splashing water soon became a hot search. After Lu Guanghan saw it, he called Lu Wanwan over to scold him. Lu Wanwan accused Han Jingmo of splashing water first. Lu Guanghan was immediately dissatisfied that he wanted to stand up for his sister and hid Han Jingmo. , Lu Wanwan realized the seriousness of the matter and begged for mercy.

Han Jingmo encountered a stray cat while running in the morning. Because of cat allergies, he had to put the cat in a cage and take it back with full armor. However, the assistant was on vacation and he could only take care of it. Whenever he came into contact with the cat, he would keep sneezing.

When Lu Wanwan was playing the game, he saw a girl confessing to Mo Bai, praised her for being brave, and also entered the game to watch the fun, Mo Bai went directly to the scene, but also replied that he already has someone he likes , some people even suspected that that person was Hoe He, because Mo Bai had never teamed up with anyone, and Lu Wanwan complained, but he didn’t expect that the melon-eating crowd would eat melons on his own head, and he went offline in a hurry.

Lu Guanghan proposed to introduce a celebrity to Lu Wanwan to shoot a two-person commercial, but Lu Wanwan refused, unwilling to let people know about her relationship with Lu Guanghan. When Lu Wanwan went out to find Little Swallow to take a photo, she saw Han Jingmo again. She made up countless pictures in her brain, and wanted to pour the drink in her hand on Han Jingmo. But the drink was taken away by Han Jingmo, and he told the agent not to hold the drink at the scene in the future, there are wires everywhere, and accidents will happen if you are not careful.

Seeing Lu Wanwan taking photos on the stage, Han Jingmo admired it a little, and offered to let Lu Wanwan be his assistant. The agent quickly helped Han Jingmo make a deal, and she wanted to use these two months to get revenge Han Jingmo.

But after returning, Lu Guanghan strongly objected, demanding that Lu Wanwan immediately reject Han Jingmo as an assistant, but Lu Wanwan didn’t listen at all. She couldn’t wait to ask the assistant to sign the contract, and she wanted to take revenge for splashing water.

He suddenly heard that someone in the game called her to compete, because she robbed Mo Bai, and Mo Bai also knew about this, sent a message to let him go, and offered to take him with him, because Mo Bai injured his hand. The matter can be handled by Ji He himself. He is very concerned about Mo Bai, but suddenly realizes that Han Jingmo and Mo Bai’s hands were injured at the same time.

Mo Bai looked at the enemy in front of him and asked Hoe He to challenge himself. Hoe He fought bravely and thought that he was protecting Mo Bai enough to brag for a lifetime, but he didn’t expect that these fighting tactics were not as good as some robot fights in Mo Bai’s opinion.

The agent asked Lu Wanwan to go to Han Jingmo’s house ahead of time. When Han Jingmo opened the door and found that it was Lu Wanwan, he quickly closed the door and called the agent, blaming him for sending someone here suddenly. I thought it was to please Han Jingmo, after all, he was the one he fell in love with.

Han Jingmo had no choice but to let Lu Wanwan in, and Lu Wanwan specially brought Han Jingmo buns made of special materials and put a lot of peppers, but Han Jingmo ate them without the slightest reaction, and even praised the deliciousness, and couldn’t help driving Lu After eating, he took a bite, and went straight to the bathroom, while Han Jingmo also sprinted 100 meters to find water in the refrigerator. While drinking water, Lu Wanwan came out. Seeing this scene, he was secretly happy, knowing that Han Jingmo was acting.

Lu Wanwan followed Han Jingmo to give away the kitten, and went to the set together. He arranged a lot of things for Lu Wanwan, and Lu Wanwan completed them smoothly. He was just about to take a rest when Han Jingmo woke him up. He was either thirsty or hot, and asked Lu Wanwan to fan him with a cattail fan. Lu Wanwan fanned Han Jingmo patiently, and finally saw Han Jingmo fell asleep. As soon as he stretched it out, Han Jingmo opened his eyes.

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