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She and Her Perfect Husband 爱的二八定律 Episode 26 Recap

Cao Yiren said that as long as these issues are handled properly, it will not affect him much. Tao Junhui directly revealed that his partners and investors do not know about it. Through investigation, Tao Junhui learned that Tao Junhui’s leverage had reached a warning point, and that the vacancy rate of these apartments would be higher by one or two percentage points, which would be enough for him to blow up his position.

Marrying Ding Fangfang, he could use Mr. Ding’s funds and status in the financial world to change all this . To be clear, Tao Junhui asked Cao Yiren to go to the law firm to sign the prenuptial agreement in the afternoon, and also said that he could think carefully before making a decision.

Wu Fei found Tang Yihui with the photo and thought she was too despicable to accept her father’s entrustment to monitor Tao Junhui. But Tang Yihui said that Mr. Wu also cared about his daughter. He wanted to know Tao Junhui’s character and character, and the cameras on the eleventh floor were always on. What he did or didn’t do was up to him. Tang Yihui thought that Tao Junhui’s attitude towards Qin Shi was understandable, and persuaded Wu Fei not to be jealous, and told her that the secret of a happy marriage is not to expect anyone to love her more than her parents, and only herself can make herself happy. Then Tang Yihui took out the prenuptial agreement and asked Wu Fei to use the prenuptial agreement to verify whether Tao Junhui loved her.

Qin Shi was inquiring about the prenuptial agreement between Ding Fangfang and Cao Yiren from Tao Junhui who had returned to the law firm. Wu Fei came to Tao Junhui aggressively, Qin Shi had to avoid it. Wu Fei remembered what Tang Yihui said, and gave the marriage agreement to Tao Junhui. Tao Junhui would sign it without saying anything, but Wu Fei cried that the agreement was unfair. Tao Junhui should not be soft-hearted, let alone be kind to everyone. Compared to Wu Fei, Tao Junhui is very calm and thinks that life will always be unsatisfactory. He doesn’t care about other people’s opinions, only Wu Fei’s.

Because of Yanghua’s words, Lao Zhou gave up the bank’s project investment, which made Manager Jia very angry. After all, it was because of Yanghua’s words that the bank lost a black gold customer. Yanghua insisted that he was only thinking of the interests of his clients. Manager Jia said that the bank could not tolerate Yanghua and let him go. Yanghua turned and went home without hesitation.

When Yanghua came home, he saw that Qin Shi had made a mess in the kitchen. Qin Shi wanted to prepare a meal for Yanghua, but his cooking skills were poor, so the two finally ate takeaway. Yanghua has always taken care of Qin Shi, and Qin Shi wants to show his gratitude to Yanghua by cooking during work breaks. Qin Shi doesn’t want Yanghua to give up her career because of her family, she hopes that both of them can get better, and supports all Yanghua’s decisions.

Li Dai sent Cao Yiren’s prenuptial agreement to Cheng and Hui Law Firm, and also told Qin Shi that Cao Yiren had met Mr. Ding before signing the prenuptial agreement. Because of this, Qin Shi found Tang Yihui, thinking that they had suffered a loss in this case, and always felt that they were being calculated. Tang Yihui listened to Qin Shi’s experience after reaching the eleventh floor, and made a three-pronged agreement with her, telling her not to act on her own in the future, not to conceal any information related to the company’s interests, and not to steal and play tricks in the arrangements.

Qin Shi was doing legal aid for the masses in the square. After finishing work, he planned to go to Yanghua, but unexpectedly found that Yanghua had been resigned. After hearing Yanghua’s explanation of the reason for his dismissal, Qin Shi took Yanghua back to the bank to find Manager Jia. Qin Shi directly brought out the labor law and asked Manager Jia, but Manager Jia couldn’t tell which rule Yanghua violated to be dismissed. Qin Shi said that he is a senior lawyer of Cheng Yuhui, and Manager Jia has no right to bully his own people.

Because of Qin Shi’s domineering guard, Yang Hua was very happy. Then Qin Shi, Yanghua and Cai Liang went out to eat together. During the meal, Cai Liang told Qin Shi about his past with Yanghua and Qiu Jianxiang. A few years later, he successfully became a fund manager.

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