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Lighter & Princess 点燃我温暖你 Episode 36 End Recap

Gao Jianhong and Zhu Yun talked about what happened back then. He was always unwilling to live in Li Xun’s shadow, but later he was willing, but Li Xun insisted on provoking Fang Zhijing, which made him unable to participate in the competition anymore. He even pleaded with Li Xun for this before, but Li Xun just didn’t want to bow his head. Although he knew that Li Xun went to the stage to apologize for him, but he still didn’t reach the final result.

Later, in order to teach Li Xun a lesson, he told Fang Zhijing where Li Lan lived. He didn’t want to really harm Li Lan, but he didn’t expect Li Lan to die because of it. He couldn’t forgive himself, and he was afraid that Li Xun would find out. That’s why he deliberately targeted Li Xun. At this time, Gao Jianhong would rather die than undergo surgery. At this time, Li Xun made a phone call from Li Lan’s cemetery and told Gao Jianhong that if he was not convinced, he would be fine and live.

Because of Li Xun’s words, Gao Jianhong also agreed to continue the operation, and Li Xun stood at the door of the stairs and looked at Gao Jianhong. When the door of the operating room was closed, Gao Jianhong turned his head and saw Li Xun standing outside. When Zhu Yun came back, seeing Li Xun sitting on the sofa alone, looking nervous, Zhu Yun told Li Xun the news of Gao Jianhong’s successful operation, and Li Xun smiled, and also proposed to Zhu Yun that he and Gao Jianhong The condition that Hong negotiated was to return the name of Jili Company, and Zhu Yun agreed.

As a result of the final reconciliation, the name of Geely Company was given to Li Xun. Li Xun didn’t want any money from Gao Jianhong’s company. Fang Shumiao looked at Li Xun’s back and couldn’t help but praise that he was still as handsome as before.

When Li Xun returned to the company, he announced that he and Zhu Yun would no longer play games. Zhao Teng would be in charge later, and the company was renamed to Jili. Everyone was a shareholder of the company. Everyone expressed their wishes. Li Xun hated the delivery of too many deliveries in the aisle. Li Xun immediately promised that the first floor would be owned by their company soon. Guo Shijie hoped to have a good wedding with his girlfriend. At this time, Liu Ailin and Zhu Guangyi suddenly came and called Zhu Yun out.

Liu Ailin was dissatisfied that Zhu Yun was still with Li Xun, and resolutely opposed the two continuing to be together. Zhu Yun also talked about the detailed process after the meeting, and also stated that she would not hold Li Xun up, and she would not waver. After walking with Li Xun to the end, Liu Ailin strongly opposed it, believing that Li Xun was a person who had been in prison, and his nature could not be changed easily. She even felt that Zhu Yun was brainwashed by Li Xun.

While Zhu Yun was talking with Liu Ailin, Dong Siyang also approached Zhu Guangyi to negotiate on behalf of Li Xun and Zhu Guangyi, praising Li Xun as an amazing kid who could turn his company from defeat to victory, and also thought that the two were in love with each other, not their parents What Dong Siyang didn’t expect was that Zhu Guangyi didn’t object to Zhu Yun’s choice.

Li Xun also came to look for Liu Ailin, hoping that she could put forward any conditions, as long as she could be with Zhu Yun, but Liu Ailin proposed something that was completely impossible to achieve. The parents of both sides should sit together and have a good talk, but Li Xun’s parents have long since passed away.

Liu Ailin’s biggest dissatisfaction is that Zhu Yun was originally well-behaved and obedient, but now Zhu Yun is always so rebellious. Li Xun thinks that Zhu Yun has the ability to change the world, but Liu Ailin only wants Zhu Yun to be an obedient daughter. Li Xun turns around After leaving, Zhu Yun also sent her mother away. In fact, Li Xun didn’t leave, but hid in the corridor. He also said that he would always be there, and he hoped to spend his whole life convincing Liu Ailin that Zhu Yun’s choice was not wrong.

In the evening, Zhu Yun was the first to propose the idea of ​​having a child, and Li Xun readily agreed. It was nothing more than a lack of a marriage certificate, which could be done immediately, as long as Zhu Yun wanted to have a child at any time. Li Xun took Zhu Yun to see the house, which he specially chose for Zhu Yun. In the past, Li Xun had no concept of family, and believed that love is long-lasting, so he never mentioned marriage, but now he feels married. very happy.

Accompanied by all the staff of the company, Li Xun and Zhu Yun went down to register their marriage. They took wedding photos together, obtained a marriage certificate, and moved to a new house. Everyone came to congratulate. Everyone gave their own gifts, only Hou Ning Tucao Zhu Yun snatched his roommate, this is a gift for her.

Ren Di and Xiao Liu also completed their wedding, and my heart is flying up to the top three on the ranking list. Gao Jianhong and Xu Lina went to other places to recuperate. Li Xun looked at Zhu Yun’s happy smile, his heart was full of happiness, and his face was full of happiness.

Also with a happy smile, Dong Siyang reminded Li Xun what marriage is the tomb of love, but seeing his affectionate face, Dong Siyang remembered a sentence, life is just like the first time you saw it. In Li Xun’s mind, his thoughts had already flown back to the days when he first met at Hunan University.

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