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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 34 Recap

Yin Zheng has always been acting strangely lately, of course Li Wei can guess why, but she doesn’t want to pay attention to his childishness. That night, Su Shen hurried over and said that Yin Zheng suddenly had a stomach problem and was in excruciating pain. Li Wei ran over quickly, only to see Yin Zheng lying by the lake clutching his stomach. Li Wei was so anxious that she almost stared at the stars, but Yin Zheng asked her to look into the water first.

Li Wei turned her head and looked, and there were candle lights rippling on the lake, like stars twinkling in the night. Li Wei suddenly understood Yin Zheng’s trick, and immediately became angry. Yin Zheng quickly sat up straight and admitted that he was jealous. Li Wei told Yin Zheng that she and Xiao Yang learned to cook because they wanted to cook for him. Yin Zheng said frankly that he just felt that Li Wei and Xiao Yang were from the same village and had a conversation, and that he could cook, so he couldn’t help but feel a little worried. Knowing that Yin Zheng is jealous, Li Wei just finds it funny.

Li Wei rested her head on Yin Zheng’s shoulder, expressing that she just wanted to go home with him. Hearing this, Yin Zheng finally smiled. Li Wei continued to explain that he and Xiao Yang are just fellow villagers, and he and the Ninth Young Master are good friends, so it is natural for a sister-in-law to take care of her. Speaking, Li Wei still did not forget to praise Yin Zheng for being brave. Yin Zheng was elated and very happy. Li Wei held Yin Zheng’s face and kissed it lightly. Yin Zheng was a little surprised at first, but after realizing it, he returned a passionate kiss.

The four young masters gather people’s hearts everywhere, and the threat they bring is not as small as Yin Song’s. Yin Zheng is not worried, he has already made preparations. Above the court, the lord discussed tax issues with several young lords. The fourth child tried his best to express himself and planned to take full control of taxation. Yin Zheng noticed it in time and stepped forward to put forward his idea. The master thought for a moment, and decided to hand over this matter to the fourth child and Yin Zheng to handle it together.

He and his wife went to visit relatives in Nanzhou, leaving Xiao Eleven alone at the house. Xiaoshi clamored to live with his elder brother and sister-in-law, but Li Wei and Yin Zheng had no choice but to agree to him. Little Eleven always had a lot of questions to ask, and was also very picky about eating, which caused Li Wei and Yin Zheng to complain and have headaches. Helpless, the two had no choice but to send him to school. But who would have expected him to turn the school upside down and make the teachers miserable. It wasn’t until another bully, Song Wu, came over that no one could deal with him.

In the past, Song Wu had always lived under the knees of his wife. The birth of Little Eleven made Song Wu feel that she might no longer be favored. In addition, when Xiao Shiyi grew up, he always showed off his power in front of Song Wu, so Song Wu was so angry that he moved to live in Yin Zheng’s courtyard. And Xiaoshi also felt that Song Wu threatened him. He was always worried that Song Wu would take away his mother’s love, so he opposed her everywhere. Li Wei and Yin Zheng invited them to a restaurant for dinner after learning about their holiday. The two reconciled in public, and they were very happy.

In the woods, Yin Qi and Shangguan Jing were about to part ways, but unexpectedly they both rolled down the cliff. When Yin Qi woke up, he quickly checked whether Shangguan Jing was in any serious condition, regardless of his own injuries. Seeing Yin Qi who was full of herself, Shangguan Jing was very moved. She decided to let Yin Qi follow and walk the world with his sword. Yin Qi couldn’t help but hugged Shangguan Jing tightly.

The new year is coming soon, Yin Qi and Shangguan Jing came to a restaurant and had hot pot. It didn’t know when it snowed heavily outside, and Shangguan Jing happily went out to watch the snow. The two couldn’t help thinking of everyone in Xinchuan, guessing what they were doing at this moment. The pure white snow fluttered down, adding a bit of romance. Yin Qi held Shangguan Jing’s hand solemnly, expressing that he would follow her all his life. Seeing Shangguan Jing nodding slightly, Yin Qi’s mouth cracked into a smile, and he hugged her fiercely.

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