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New Life Begins 卿卿日常 Episode 33 Recap

Li Wei plans to open the Gourmet Restaurant to every corner of Jiuchuan, which means hiring a new chef. But after searching for several days, no suitable chef was found. Coincidentally, Nine Young Masters happened to know a good chef, Xiao Yang. Xiao Yang showed his culinary skills to everyone, and everyone was full of praise. Both Li Wei and Xiao Yang happen to be from Jichuan, and they are very interested in ingredients like mushrooms. Li Wei invited Xiao Yang to visit the kitchen of the mansion, and introduced to him the vegetables he grew.

Yin Zheng and Su Shen were walking in the yard, but they saw Li Wei and a man walking towards them. Li Wei was introducing to Xiao Yang the vegetables grown by himself in the yard, and asked him to pick some and bring them back to the house for the Ninth Young Master. Xiao Yang’s tone was surprised, he didn’t expect that vegetables could be grown in this yard.

He praised Li Wei for being good at picking vegetables. The two chatted harmoniously, but Yin Zheng couldn’t stand it anymore, and hurried up to interrupt their conversation. Li Wei introduced Xiao Yang to Yin Zheng, and did not forget to praise him, saying that the dishes he cooked were particularly delicious. Yin Zheng couldn’t help feeling jealous, and wanted to get involved in their conversation, but he was embarrassed when he opened his mouth, and he actually referred to millet pepper as wolfberry.

Xiao Yang is not only good at cooking, he is also very handsome. As soon as he came to the restaurant, he attracted many female customers. Li Wei and Haitang sat aside and observed secretly, and couldn’t help but praise Xiao Yang again and again. Seeing this, Yin Zheng and Yin An upstairs were filled with a sense of crisis. They stared at Xiao Yang, fearing that he would abduct their wife. It was still early, but Yin Zheng was waiting outside the restaurant early, ready to take Li Wei home. Unexpectedly, Li Wei invited Xiao Yang back home together.

Li Wei originally wanted to ask Xiao Yang about cooking skills, but when she returned to the house, she found that the kitchen utensils were missing. Xiao Yang did not know where to get some gifts, and made everyone laugh, Li Wei only had kitchen utensils to learn. As night fell, everyone brought food to Yin Zheng noisily, asking him to taste it. But how could Yin Zheng eat, and finally went to the study under the suspicious eyes of everyone.

The fourth general Yin An invited to talk with him about political affairs. The fourth child usually doesn’t make much noise, but he is unambiguous in what he does. He has done many things that Yin An couldn’t do. On the surface, Yin An made friends with him, and immediately told Yin Zheng about it after returning home. Just as he was talking, Yin An felt hungry, but unexpectedly, Li Wei went to a restaurant to learn how to cook from Xiao Yang. Yin An’s head turned and he suddenly felt that something was wrong, so he hurriedly stopped Yin Zheng and ran to the restaurant.

On the other side, when Shangguan Jing got up early, she saw Yin Qi sitting in front of the fire and busying herself. She went up to take Yin Qi’s grilled corn, but found that the corn was completely burnt. Shangguan Jing suddenly felt no appetite, so she put down the corn and went to pack her things. Yin Qi quickly stopped her and took the initiative to pack her luggage. But no matter how hard he tried, he could always screw things up. Shangguan Jing sighed and told him to go back quickly. Hearing this, Yin Qi’s face was full of disappointment, but he immediately put on a smile, saying that he had memorized the map of Kyushu, and that he could guide her wherever she wanted to go.

After saying that, the two of them rode on horseback to the direction Yin Qi said. But after walking for a long time, he came to a dead end. Along the way, Yin Qi continued to display his custom of doing whatever he could, which made Shangguan Jing almost furious. Yin Qi seemed to have figured it out, he offered to leave and let Shang Guan Jing go alone.

Zhao Fangru planned to go back to Daichuan to run the mining business, so before leaving, she went to say goodbye to Hao Jia. Zhao Fangru still has a few older brothers in her family, but with her methods and strategies, those mining businesses will be recovered soon.

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