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Shining Just For You 九州·朱颜记 Episode 4 Recap

Yebei people overheard the news of their execution and hurriedly searched for a way out. The people who came to Yebei Warlord arrived soon, but Xie Yu’an was still unwilling to do anything to them. The Qianxiang Bureau needs to propose a suitable time for each lady in the palace to conceive a prince. Yu Xiuming has no heirs yet, and this is the top priority of the court.

Ye Lingshuang entered the palace and was a little surprised to see Leng Tianxi in the harem. She inquired about Leng Tianxi’s identity for Ye Lingshuang, and learned that Yu Xiuming loved Leng Tianxi very much. Leng Tianxi also noticed Ye Lingshuang, and quickly asked someone to investigate. Leng Tianxi asked Xie Yu’an about Ye Lingshuang’s whereabouts, Xie Yu’an followed what Jie Haitian said, and said that he took Ye Lingshuang away.

Officers and soldiers wanted to search Yebei prisoners of war, but were stopped by Jie Zhuying Group, who would always help Qi Hailian. To remind you that it has been a while since she entered the palace, she reported Ye Lingshuang to Yu Xiuming.

Yu Xiuming immediately went to the Qin Tianjian and took off Ye Lingshuang’s official uniform, Jie Haitian quickly confessed his guilt and reported it alone. Jie Haitian said that he just wanted to find Fanghua Mirror as soon as possible, and Ye Lingshuang is quite talented in astrology. It would be a good thing if she could unlock the seal and use it for Da Chao. But Yu Xiuming said that Jie Haitian was cheated, and did not agree to Jie Haitian’s request.

Yu Xiuming asked Ye Lingshuang why she wanted to go to Qin Tianjian, Ye Lingshuang spoke eloquently, saying that she could surpass Jie Haitian. Yu Xiuming agreed, and asked Ye Lingshuang to count an auspicious day for the Xinghan Grand Ceremony, and if she couldn’t count it within ten days, she would be punished for deceiving the emperor. Yu Xiuming decreed to give Ye Lingshuang the name Bailu, and to take the title of Qin Tianjian.

Ye Lingshuang agreed that the Xinghan Grand Ceremony was an auspicious site, and the Qin Tianjian was in a panic. If something happened to the Xinghan Grand Ceremony, the entire Qin Tianjian would be affected. But the matter has come to this point and there is no way to evade it. Whether it can be calculated depends on Ye Lingshuang’s fortune. It’s just that everyone didn’t believe that Ye Lingshuang would calculate the result, after all, it was something that even Jie Haitian couldn’t do.

Yun Wen said that Ye Lingshuang would not be able to calculate the auspicious location without relying on himself, and Ye Lingshuang is not stupid, there must be something hidden about this matter, and he planned to find an opportunity to test Yu Xiuming. Fan Ruhui thought that his position in the Qin Tianjian was in jeopardy, so he went to Yu Xiuming to gossip and persuade him to chat with Jie Haitian in private and figure out the auspicious location as soon as possible.

Fan Ruhui also said that he heard some rumors outside, but he didn’t expect that it was Yu Xiuming’s attention. The Xinghan Grand Ceremony is the founding ceremony of our country, and Jie Haitian is very cautious about it. Fan Ruhui came to urge Jie Haitian to confirm the auspicious location of the Xinghan Grand Ceremony as soon as possible, and said something to remind him kindly. Ye Lingshuang learned the truth through eavesdropping, and Jie Haitian didn’t want to hand over his military power, so he didn’t want to report the auspicious location.

Ye Lingshuang went to see Yu Xiuming, and told Yu Xiuming what she had overheard, and Fan Ruhui was trying to sow discord between them. But Yu Xiuming knew about their relationship long ago, and told Ye Lingshuang to put away his cleverness. Jie Haitian would not agree with the auspicious location calculated by Ye Lingshuang, since such an auspicious location cannot be relied on. Fan Ruhui asked Fan Zheng, the second son of the Fan family, to investigate Ye Lingshuang, and he must not say anything about it.

Yunwen calculates that Fanghuajing is in Kuyuanhai, but Ye Lingshuang is depressed and worried about the whereabouts of Yi Wuyou and Qi Hairui. Ye Lingshuang went out of the palace and went to the restaurant Yi Wuyou mentioned before, but there was no whereabouts of Yi Wuyou. Master Di saw that Ye Lingshuang did not come to Qin Tianjian, so he ran to complain to Jie Haitian. Strict treatment is required.

In Yebei’s battle, Yi Wuyou rescued Ye Jingqing, but Ye Jingqing was dying.

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